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Here is a short story which I wrote when I was bored. Enjoy :).

Not Talking this morning are we? by Darren Derbyshire

The alarm sounded as I awoke with a start.  My head was throbbing; I had awoken with a really bad head ache. I lay for a few seconds contemplating whether to ring in sick but thought I’d better not as I had an important meeting with my boss today. I could hear birds tweeting in the background but they were competing with the snores coming from my wife who lay next to me. I got up without disturbing her, washed and dressed.  The cat didn’t even bat an eye lid when I walked past it. Downstairs I could hear Tracy, my 14 year old daughter, playing.

“Morning” I said

But no reply came back

“Not talking this morning are we” I said.

There was still no reply.

“Fine” I mumbled as I went into the kitchen to make breakfast.

I was incredibly thirsty and even a pint of water did not touch my thirst.  I wasn’t hungry so decided against breakfast.  But I nearly slipped over a puddle of water when I left the kitchen.

“Dam it Tracy” I shouted.

But there was still no reply. I didn’t have time to tidy up so left the house quickly as I walked to the train station.

“Morning Barry” I said as I walked past my neighbour who was getting in his car. But he didn’t even reply or look at me. Strange I thought.

My head felt strange, in fact I still felt half asleep and I was dreaming. Even when I got to the station everybody seemed to be ignoring me. On the train the ticket collector even walked straight pass me and didn’t check if I had a ticket. I felt invisible. What is happening?

Annoyed, I got off the train at my stop and walked into work.

“Morning everyone” I said as I walked into the office.

No reply.

“MORNING” I shouted.

Again, there was no reply.  In fact everybody seemed to be ignoring me.


I ran around the office shouting at every body but they were oblivious to me.  I screamed and screamed and screamed but still no response. So I ran out, and somehow I made it to my home. I felt so alone, I did not know what to do. I entered my home, and saw my family in the living room. They were crying but they did not take notice of me entering. Why were they crying? Why didn’t they see me?

And then there was a voice behind me, a familiar voice calling my name, but it can’t be because he was dead. But yes it was the voice of my father. But he had died many years ago.

I turned and there he was. My dad, looking youthful, with a white glow around him.

He held out his arms smiling.

“You will be ok”

He said

“I’m with you now”.

The end

My New Novel

Posted: February 23, 2013 in My Novels and Short Stories

Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know that I have started working on my next novel.

Its called the Zaganort and is basically a science fiction story set in the future about the destruction of earth and survival of the human race.

More to follow



Hi folks,

I am proud to announce the debut of my horror ebook “The Madness of Beelzebub”.


The ebook “The Madness of Beelzebub” is available as a kindle ebook for eReaders, tablets, phones and other devices from amazon and as a pdf from lulu for the low price of £3.75.

The madness of Beelzebub is a horror thriller and is about the story of an average man and his journey into madness, horror and murder. He is seduced/saved by an entity that claims he is “the chosen one” to do battle against evil.

Is he mad or is he really “the chosen one”?

Beelzebub  ”Lord of the Flies”; Ba’al-zebub, also called Beelzebub or Beelzebul is known as the ‘prince of demons’. In the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke),  it’s who the Pharisees accused Jesus of being because he could cast out demons.

Here is a quick peak of the prologue to wet your appetite….

“The first thing you need to know is that this is not an ordinary story, far from it.  This is a story of love, hate, passion, betrayal, madness, evil and the devil. That in itself doesn’t seam all that unusual I hear you say, but it’s more than just that, much more.  This story details 52 days of an average man’s life. It is an account that could happen to any of us and what would happen if you lose everything, your hope and your soul.  Now, where shall I begin, that’s a good question, a story doesn’t just begin, it develops. Maybe it started when the man first bought the computer or maybe the seed was laid in the accident many years ago……   Who knows?”

Happy reading and let me know what you think…

And has anybody else written a novel and managed to publish it themselves??  What are you experiences of writing? Click here for my blog on my experiences.

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Hi Folks,

As some of you may know I will be publishing my 1st horror ebook “The madness on Beelzebub” very soon (click here for details) and it got me to thinking about when I first decided to write it and my journey from the initial idea to novel…And I thought I would share my experiences with you.

I guess I had my first idea to write a novel many moons ago and my journey, of writing a book, started with a single step, an idea.

That reminds me of quote I heard recently ” A journey of a thousand miles…. begins with a single step (Lao-tzu)”. I guess this can apply to anything.

Anyway, where was I. Well I had worked for about 12 years at Sanofi Aventis (a major pharmaceutical company) as a scientist. But I quit (end of 2006), for a number of reasons, sold the house and spent 6 months travelling around the world with my soon to be wife. We came back to england, broke and expecting our 1st child.  I was unemployed and had time on my hands and therefore made the decision to make use of this spare time and do something I’ve always wanted to do and that was write my1st book.

I had many ideas floating round my head so deciding on the story topic/plot was my first step and it was very difficult to say the least….But, after many sleepless nights I managed it….. I decided on a horror novel about a mans journey into madness, murder and the devil.  I wont give much more away as I don’t want to spoil the story if you want to read it.

Now deciding to write a story and actually writing are two completely different things… You sit there, open the word processing document software ready to start typing and then….. God! what on earth do I write, how do I put my story on paper? My mind went blank…

Now, because of my scientific background I decided to approach it the way I would approach writing a scientific report.  So I took time out to plan my novel. First I decided on the characters, when and where it was based, outlined a beginning, middle and ending….and, after a couple of weeks of planning what it was about I started writing…… It was still very hard as there were a lot of distractions but I did it.

So if you want to write a novel, take my advice, and plan your novel first…..and then write.

Here are my top ten tips:-

1. Decide on the Plot, What the novel is going to be about.

2. Plan your novel.

3. Map out whats going to happen at the beginning, middle and end.

4. Create your main Characters. Make notes about each of them and how the characters relate to each other.

5. Decide the tense, where and when it is based and who is going to be telling the story. For example it could be a character in the book telling the story from his perspective.

6. Keep a notepad for ideas. I had a notepad and would always write silly ideas in it, some of which went into my book and some didn’t.

7. Then write and make yourself write every day, whether it’s a sentence, a chapter, or more, you must regularly dedicate some time to your novel. Set aside a quiet hour where everyone must leave you alone. Morning or night, it doesn’t matter, although some writers work better at certain times of the day. Just make sure you write daily! In my case, I would make sure that I would spend an hour each morning devoted to my novel.

8. Seek constructive feedback……from somebody you trust.  I asked a couple of people to read mine and give me feedback. And I used this feedback to revise my novel.

9. Keep revising, editing and rewriting your story..

10. Complete & then publish.

I know there is more to it than that and I know there are several methods than you can use, but these were the basic steps I used. It took me about 2 years to complete in total, re writing it many times in the process. But at last it was complete (at end of 2008) and then I thought “now what do I do?”.

Well, I thought maybe I should try and get published, it cant be that hard can it??? lol mmmm how little I knew.  So I took a trip to the library and got the latest edition of the writers handbook and started writing letters to as many publishers/editors/agents as I could….. Well, 50 rejections later I realised it wasnt that easy…

We are not taking new authors at this present time… We dont publish anything from people who dont have an agent……its not what we are looking for at the moment, ect..

This was very disheartening and so I gave up on trying to publish it… Then I thought “Maybe I should try and do it myself, or try an ebook!”.  I did look at trying to publishing it myself, and there are many companies out there that will help, but its costs a lot money to self publish (which I didnt have at that time) and so decided not to pursue this route….

However, the idea of ebook appealed to me  BUT! by this time (last year) I was too scared to publish it.  After all the rejection letters I received it had really put me off…. If I did publish my novel as an ebook, what happens if no body likes it.  What happens if it doesnt sell. I hate to admit it but I was afraid……. very afraid.  And FEAR is a good persuader.

But then I got to thinking If I dont try, I will never know.  So after much soul searching, I conquered my fear and decided yes, yes I will publish as an ebook and if nobody likes it, so what! at least I have tried, at least Ive done it…… and the journey leads us to here and pretty soon my first horror ebook will be on sale as a kindle ebook, exciting times hey 🙂 I will let you know soon when it is on sale.  And by the way, if I can do it, you can do it too. Dont make the same mistake as me and let Fear hold you back… I guess this applies to a lot of other things too.

So has anybody else written a novel and managed to publish it themselves??  What are you experiences of writing? Let me know.

Thats about it now, But I have to admit writing this blog and talking about ebooks has got me thinking about another question. As ebook sales take off, will they overtake paper copies of books, and will there be a time when we no longer publish/sell books in paper format?? Just a thought…

Hi all,

I just wanted to tell you that I will be publishing my first novel entitled  “The madness of Beelzebub” soon…

I have not got a publisher or agent and it would cost too much too publish it as a paper copy myself. So I have decided (to keep costs down) to publish it as a pdf ebook through my science fiction and horror website and as a kindle ebook on amazon. I am in the final stages of formatting it at the moment. And the price is likely to be £3.75.  What does every one think of the price. Is it too high/low?  Any price suggestions would be most welcome.

So whats it all about I hear you ask??

Well, “The madness of Beelzebub”  is basically a horror thriller….    Things go from bad to worse as many unfortunate things that happen to John Beck which then plunges him into horror and madness.  He is then seduced/saved by an entity who claims he is “the chosen one” to do battle against evil.  Is he mad or is he really “the chosen one”???

Beelzebub literally means  “Lord of the Flies”; Ba’al-zebub, also called Beelzebub or Beelzebul is known as the ‘prince of demons’. In the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke),  it’s who the Pharisees accused Jesus of being because he could cast out demons.  

Its about 42,000 words long and will appeal to fans of Ian Rankin and Stephen King who have had a strong influence on my work. It was hard work and took about a year to write.  I hope people will like it, but I just wanted to share my work.

So has anybody else written a novel and managed to publish it themselves??  What are you experiences of writing?

There will be more news about it very soon…

Hi there,

As I was putting books on my ebay shop it got me wondering, what is every body’s favourite horror writer.  Mine has got to be Steven King… I have read most of his books now.   And he wins hands down…

So what do you think, do you agree?

As I was putting second hand comics on my ebay shop I got to wondering, What is the most expensive second hand Comic???

Well I had a look and according to it is “Action Comics no 1”, released in June 1938.  Can you believe that a copy of Action Comics #1 was sold by in March, 2010 for $1.5 million. Wow, I hear you say…

World's Most Expensive Comic Book - Action Comics #1

So why is it so expensive I hear you ask! Well, It is written by Jerry Siegel and illustrated by Joe Shuster, and contained our first 12-page glimpse of the iconic superhero, Superman.

It is valuable because not only it is the first appearance for superman but it is also the first comic that contains the first appearance of the modern superhero…

So next time some body says comic book readers are just nerds or geeks, just tell them about how much a little comic sold for recently…….