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As I was putting second hand comics on my ebay shop I got to wondering, What is the most expensive second hand Comic???

Well I had a look and according to it is “Action Comics no 1”, released in June 1938.  Can you believe that a copy of Action Comics #1 was sold by in March, 2010 for $1.5 million. Wow, I hear you say…

World's Most Expensive Comic Book - Action Comics #1

So why is it so expensive I hear you ask! Well, It is written by Jerry Siegel and illustrated by Joe Shuster, and contained our first 12-page glimpse of the iconic superhero, Superman.

It is valuable because not only it is the first appearance for superman but it is also the first comic that contains the first appearance of the modern superhero…

So next time some body says comic book readers are just nerds or geeks, just tell them about how much a little comic sold for recently…….

I have just heard Warner Bros have announced a big screen reboot of the cult TV show ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’.

The original show, which I was a huge huge fan of ran for seven series. It made a star of Sarah Michelle Gellar, who played the vampire-slaying high school student.

It is rumoured that and that actress Whit Anderson will write the remake and Charles Roven will produce it.

However, it is also rumoured that the original buffy creator Joss Whedon is not keen on the idea. 

What do you think? Me, Im not sure so sure…….

Hi all,

On Friday I went to cinema and saw new Harry potter film “Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows”…. very very good film, absolutely fantasic, I cant wait for the final one.

I am now in the middle of writing a review for the SFHDominion monthly magazine, can you guess what I am going to say lol

Anyway, what did you think of the film, here is a trailer to wet your apetite…

Has anybody else watched the Event (channel 4, Fridays at 9pm)

It is an American science fiction political thriller television series created by Nick Wauters, which premiered on NBC on September 20, 2010 and then on channel 4 on the October 22, 2010.

It is basically about the presence of extraterrestrial people who have been detained by the United States Government for sixty-six years and who may now become exposed to the general populace.  I won’t give much away just in case you want to watch it on “catch up tv”.

So what does any one else think, is it any good? Let me know your opinions?

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