My short Story “Not talking this morning are we?”

Posted: June 26, 2013 in My Novels and Short Stories

Here is a short story which I wrote when I was bored. Enjoy :).

Not Talking this morning are we? by Darren Derbyshire

The alarm sounded as I awoke with a start.  My head was throbbing; I had awoken with a really bad head ache. I lay for a few seconds contemplating whether to ring in sick but thought I’d better not as I had an important meeting with my boss today. I could hear birds tweeting in the background but they were competing with the snores coming from my wife who lay next to me. I got up without disturbing her, washed and dressed.  The cat didn’t even bat an eye lid when I walked past it. Downstairs I could hear Tracy, my 14 year old daughter, playing.

“Morning” I said

But no reply came back

“Not talking this morning are we” I said.

There was still no reply.

“Fine” I mumbled as I went into the kitchen to make breakfast.

I was incredibly thirsty and even a pint of water did not touch my thirst.  I wasn’t hungry so decided against breakfast.  But I nearly slipped over a puddle of water when I left the kitchen.

“Dam it Tracy” I shouted.

But there was still no reply. I didn’t have time to tidy up so left the house quickly as I walked to the train station.

“Morning Barry” I said as I walked past my neighbour who was getting in his car. But he didn’t even reply or look at me. Strange I thought.

My head felt strange, in fact I still felt half asleep and I was dreaming. Even when I got to the station everybody seemed to be ignoring me. On the train the ticket collector even walked straight pass me and didn’t check if I had a ticket. I felt invisible. What is happening?

Annoyed, I got off the train at my stop and walked into work.

“Morning everyone” I said as I walked into the office.

No reply.

“MORNING” I shouted.

Again, there was no reply.  In fact everybody seemed to be ignoring me.


I ran around the office shouting at every body but they were oblivious to me.  I screamed and screamed and screamed but still no response. So I ran out, and somehow I made it to my home. I felt so alone, I did not know what to do. I entered my home, and saw my family in the living room. They were crying but they did not take notice of me entering. Why were they crying? Why didn’t they see me?

And then there was a voice behind me, a familiar voice calling my name, but it can’t be because he was dead. But yes it was the voice of my father. But he had died many years ago.

I turned and there he was. My dad, looking youthful, with a white glow around him.

He held out his arms smiling.

“You will be ok”

He said

“I’m with you now”.

The end

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