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Please don’t read if you have not seen episode 8 of the new series of Doctor Who yet….Spoiler alert.

Here is my review of episode 8 of the new doctor who series (“Lets Kill Hitler”).  Sorry its a bit late but I have been away from the computer all weekend.

WOW, OH MY GOD, WHAT A RETURN………….. That was fantastic and made a lovely change to the dreadful Torchwood we have been experiencing recently.

Well what was episode 8 all about.  The drama starts in a corn field where The Tardis lands and the doctor is greeted by Amy and Rory accompanied by their childhood friend Mels (who is introduced in a series of flash backs).  Mels pulls a gun and forces every body in the Tardis. Where are we going remarks the doctor.  Mels reply was “I don’t know, lets kill hitler”.  What a line!

The next minute a shot is fired and the Tardis crash lands through the window of, wait for it, Adolph Hitlers office in Berlin 1938, interrupting an attempted execution by a Tesselact, disguised as German officer. The tesselact is in fact a small space ship carrying orders from the time travelling War Crimes Tribunal.

After all the introductions Hitler then tries to shoot the Tesselact, however Rory disarms him and dispatches him in the cupboard, pure class! And that’s the last we see of him. And so this episode is not about Hitler at all, but something else.

Anyway, in the confusion, Mels is mortally wounded in the gun battle.  But she is not who she appears to be and instead of dying regenerates and we find out that Mels is actually Melody Pond.  And guess what she wants to kill the doctor. After several attempts (gun, knife, ect…) she succeeds in poisoning the doctor.  And having only 32 minutes to live disappears into Tardis. But can any body tell me why the Doctor’s regenerations were “disabled”?

In the ensuing adventure.  Rory and Amy have fun inside the Tesselact where they battle against giant antibodies.  Melody is liberated and River Song is born. And the doctor finds out he will be murdered, if he doesn’t die here, by a lake in Utah, USA.  One of the workers inside the Tesselact mentions that The Doctor’s death in Utah is one of those fixed points in time and cannot be changed.

At the end the dieing doctor whispers something into Melodies ear, who has begun to see the error of her ways, and we get an answer to a puzzle that’s been bothering me for sometime and that’s why River Song didn’t regenerate in the library in the episodes “Silence in the Library”/“Forest of the Dead”.  Well, it’s because she gave up all her regeneration cycles to save the doctor.  It was a splendid moment of Television. Anyway, suffice to say the doctor lives.

And so now we find out why River song becomes an archeologist, and that’s to find the doctor. And we finally also see where she was given the blue book full of spoilers that we first saw in her hands all those years ago.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It was awesome. It had a mixture of fun, comedy, sadness and action.  The moment where the doctor is asking for a hologram of somebody to help him was particularly nice as we got a montage of past companions.  I just hope this keeps up.  I can’t wait for next weeks episode.

Here is a sneak peak.

What did you think?

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Please don’t read if you have not seen episode 7 of the new series of Torchwood: Miracle day yet….Spoiler alert.

The episode starts with pick up pretty much where last week left off, as Gwen has to decide what to do. Her predicament is that her family has been taken, and that she needs to deliver Jack in order to get them back. She’s ordered to keep the lenses in, so she’s constantly been watched, and this inevitably puts her under all kinds of pressure. So Gwen kidnaps Jack and is takes him to whoever has kidnapped her family.  We are left with Gwen and Jack in the car as she drives him to their destination.  There is some good dialogue here and we have a great moment where Gwen tells Jack in no uncertain terms that, if killing him meant saving her family, she would pull the trigger herself and not think twice. Jack retorts, however, by telling Gwen that he will adamantly and jealously defend his life.  But I am not sure Jack would ever take up arms against Gwen to defend himself with her family’s lives in the balance.  Anyway when the situation is resolved (which, of course, it is), the two hug and make up and no harm is done.

In between we are taken back to (via flashback) to Jack’s time in America in 1927. Coming through Ellis Island, he meets a man by the name of Angelo Colasanto. The two of them become close friends (and much much more, I guess my wife will be pleased though seeing so much more of jack :)).  Anyway soon Jack is taking him along on his Torchwood mission. And guess what there is an alien involved, finally! HOORAY!

Jack is running booze during the Prohibition in New York City in order to get to the mobster who has a cryo-frozen alien he doesn’t realize he has and it must be destroyed. But Everything falls apart, however, when Jack is killed during the mission and he comes back to life.

Angelo, who has spent time in prison thinking Jack is dead, is shocked to see him alive on his release. He is so shaken by this revelation, he kills Jack again, believing him to be the devil. This leads to a particularly brutal sequence of killing jack over and over again.  It starts with the landlady seeing the death and resurrection, and it suddenly expands into a crazed group of religious fanatics who drag Jack down into a basement and kill him repeatedly. It is unclear as to whether they revere him or fear him, but the one thing they seem intent on doing is brutally killing Jack every time he comes back to life. Some fanatics are even bottling Jack’s blood, believing it to be the key to immortality.

During a brief respite from the constant murder parade, Jack is confronted by three men (got to be aliens) who seem to be coldly negotiating over ownership of him. The three men agree to a joint ownership and seal it with a clasping of arms that forms…a triangle! Is this the green triangle gang? When it was revealed last week that whatever conspiracy led to the Miracle was very long and subtle in the making, we now see that it probably goes as far back as the 1920s.
During this murder spree, we hear a few people refer to Jack as a “blessing.” So now we know what the mysterious Blessing from last week is all about. Eventually, Angelo sees the error of his ways and breaks Jack out. Jack leaves Angelo by killing himself one last time, and he never sees him again.
Anyway, thanks to Rex and Esther, everything’s sorted out in the blink of an Eye-5 ( :)).  Thankfully, Rex and Esther had so little to do in this episode (hooray) outside of showing up at the last minute and thus saving the day. Gwen’s family are freed and – finally – we get what looks like some sort of explanation. Is it Angelo who is behind the Miracle?  “He’s been waiting for such a very long time,” we are told by a anonymous women at the end.  Really! I cant quite believe it to be honest???

And again there is no sign of Oswald Danes….

So what did I think…. Fantastic, Finally, Hooray!!!

This has to be my favourite episode so far and that’s because it’s the old Torchwood team that are doing most of the work in this episode here and it makes fantastic viewing.  It’s not the americanized generic rubbish that we have been getting so far.  This could quiet easily been a one-off episode in the old Torchwood series.  It’s a shame that we have had to wait nearly 7 weeks for something like this to happen.

But I have to say what got me smiling the most in this episode is when the Doctor was mentioned.  And that Jack also mentioned he is fixed point in time in space.  I was beginning to think this Americanized Torchwood wouldn’t go anywhere near the Doctor, but it was very nice to hear.  It shows the long-term impact traveling with the Doctor has on his companions. It shows how important the doctor was in his life. And it’s also interesting to see that Jack was actually jealous of the Doctor, that he has companions to share his life with. I don’t think the Doctor will be mentioned again though :(.

The mob killing Jack over and over again was my favourite scene. It was a trully gory and horrific scene, and a uniquely Torchwood.  I dont think we would see this on any other show, and that’s something else we haven’t gotten much of in Miracle day so far.

But there are a couple of minor gripes.

1)  I really can’t see Gwen turning over Jack to anyone so easily, even with her family at stake. And then they’re friends again right after that, as if nothing has happened.

2) And I’m a bit confused with the timelines. I’m Sure Jack hadn’t yet acquired his WWII coat in 1927. I thought that was something he wouldn’t get till when he first met the Doctor and Rose during the Blitz, before he was immortal.  I thought he picked it up when he transprted back in time (when he was first made immortal) and lived through WWII on Earth, which he hasn’t yet done yet in 1927.  And on his second pass through the 20th century, he was in cryosleep at the Torchwood Institute so he wouldn’t cross his own timeline. So this can’t be that Jack. Is this another Jack in a different timeline?  Confused? I am :).

Apart from that I thought it was very good and I just hope that the foot isn’t taken off the peddle and that this is a sign of great things to come.  What did you think?

Here is a look at next weeks episode.

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Please don’t read if you have not seen episode 6 of the new series of Torchwood: Miracle day yet….Spoiler alert.

The episode starts with an introduction to Stuart Owens (played by former Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson) who is PhiCorp’s chief operating officer. He appears not be comfortable with what the company he works for is up to and has been investigating it for some time. He phones a contact in Shanghai to investigate a land purchase made by PhiCorp. The contact investigates the land and what he sees drives him to commit suicide. Well we say suicide, but what we mean is he jumps from a big enough high buidling so that he is in effect brain-dead and loses consciousness (the 45 club!). We don’t actually see what he saw, but I do not think its nice.

When confronted by Captain Jack, Stuart Owens (who by the way I think has been wasted/under used in this part) stays pretty close to the fence. His protests that “I’m not a bad man, but i’m not a good man either”.  But he does indicate that PhiCorp isn’t controlling the miracle, but is just profiting from it. And that there are larger forces at work here, and the bread crumbs seem to be leading back at least five years.  He leaves Jack with a phrase “The Blessing” that he has heard in the past.

Gwen spent pretty much of the whole episode trying to get her father out of the overflow camp, yawn!

In the meantime Esther and Rex confront the person responsible for Esther’s death in last weeks episode and exposes one of the overflow camps for what they are.  And finally Rex accepts he is a member of Torchwood, yawn again!

And we end the episode with somebody contacting Gwen and who is demanding that she deliver Jack in exchange for her loved ones? Is this the force above PhiCorp, that hasn’t been seen yet? Or is it somebody different? I guess we will find out next week.

But for some strange reason there is no sign of Oswald or Jilly this week, there isn’t even a snippet in the background on the news. Which seems really silly as they have been centre point to the story so far.

So what did I think if this weeks outing?

Well, what can I say.

Oh dear, this is has to be, in my opinion, the worst episode of the series so far. It was so boring! Nothing happened! We get no new answers and very little action in this episode. The most exciting part, which woke me for a couple of seconds, was when Gwen blew up the modules in the Welsh overflow facility.

All the undead are being put in camps, yes we get it.

All the category 1’s are being burnt, yes we get it.

These overflow camps are like concentration camps, yes we get it.

Do we really need a whole episode for them to tell us this, which we already found out at the end of episode 5.  Are some viewers that stupid in that they need to have a whole episode for them to grind the message in for us to understand this.  We get it, move on!!!

It feels like that after last weeks ok episode we have taken a huge step back , in my opinion, which is a shame. What do you think? Do you agree?

Here is a quick look at the next weeks episode:-

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Please don’t read if you have not seen episode 5 of the new series of Torchwood: Miracle day yet….Spoiler alert.

At last, some (but not a lot) answers are finally revealed in the course of this episode.

At the star of this episode Vera arrives for the latest medical panel in Washington D.C. only to find out that the panels have now been canceled.  Did she not read the email? 🙂 In addition it is found out that a new category system has been put into place that ranks people according to injury. The three different Categories for which people fall into are:-

Category 1. Nearly dead

Category 2. Alive but sick and not getting any better

Category 3 all the way alive

The system will go into effect at midnight worldwide.  Outraged by the idea Vera flies out to California to join the Torchwood team.

Then we shift to the U.K., where Gwen has finally gone back to Wales (hooray!), to not only reunite with her husband and child, but to get her father out of the overflow camps that seemed too sprung up overnight. And as we have suspected all along, Miracle Day is no Miracle but instead something someone or something has instituted. But for what purpose? What Gwen finds out in Wales, as she and Rhys infiltrates the overflow camp is that when attempting to take her father away, he starts to weaken and seems to be dying in her arms which in turn puts him into a Category 1.

Back in the USA, Rex along with Ester and Dr, Juarez infiltrate the overflow camps in Los Angeles and Rex finds out where all the Category 1’s are being housed. Dr. Juarez is on a guided tour of the facility and finds that the man running it is not doing his job correctly. She confronts him. Why oh why did she have to do this, big mistake! And before she realises, the man shoots her twice, and then takes her to the module, where the Category 1’s are being housed, and locks her in. Rex, finds her trapped inside. And at that moment they both find out what the modules are for as the man who shot Dr. Juarez fires it up and poor Dr. Juarez is burnt alive.

Maybe the modules/furnaces are using humans as some sort of fuel for something bigger, I don’t know. But the big question here is what is going to happen to the Category 2’s and 3’s still left?  Are they probably there for food or enslavement? Either way it doesn’t look good.

Then there is Oswald Danes who gets everyone in a frenzy at a “Miracle Rally”.  Although Jack tries to reason with Danes, it falls on death ears, as Danes does exactly what PhiCorp wants, and that is to get people accepting of the Miracle.

And last but not least and a stranger confronts/chats to Jilly and says she is doing a good job. Everything about him, in my opinion, screamed alien in a human suit. And he played right into what makes Jilly tick. And it looks as though Jilly is just a puppet (like Oswald).

So what did I think of this one?

Well, we get some answers, some action and another gruesome climax where one of the main stars is killed off.  Which shows us no body is safe. But we are yet to find out who the hell are PhiCorp and the triangle? Maybe next week!

This episode was ok as at least some of it was set in the uk (Wales) but it’s still not anything like the old Torchwood. The series is getting darker and scary but it seems more like an action conspiracy thriller more than anything else, which is a shame as it’s not Torchwood any more.   And I have to say that the big problem I have with this series is the lack of aliens.  Although we don’t know for definite yet I think there is definitely an influence of some sort of alien involvement. But why is there is no sign of them yet, I mean we are half way through the series and I would have thought we would have seen some sort Alien by now, would’nt you think?  Where are they?

And if there isn’t alien involvement I think it would be a huge let down and very disappointing.

What do you think? Do you agree?

Here is a quick look at the next weeks episode:-

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Is The Customer Always Right?

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In my opinion, YES.

From my experience I think there should be 2 rules we should use when dealing with customers, they are as follows:-

1. The customer is always right.

2. If the customer is just plainly wrong, then rule number one applies.

I have always tried to use these 2 rules and put myself in the customers position and try to deal with them as I would want to be treated.  I know if I have purchased something and I am not happy then good customer service goes a long way to keeping me happy.  And so if one of my customers customer complains about a product I aways assume they are right and try to rectify the problem.

For example, a couple of months ago somebody bought an item from my science fiction and horror ebay shop and claimed it was damaged when they received it. I know when I packaged it and posted the item it there was nothing wrong with it so I could have quiet easily have treated the customer as if he/she was a liar and it was their fault.  But I didn’t, I apologised for the problem and gave them a choice of either returning the product and getting a full refund or 10% off their next purchase as this is what I would have expected.  The customer chose 10% off their next purchase and in addition left very good feedback on ebay about the transaction.  As a result of my actions (and assuming the customer is always right) the customer was happy and the positive feedback I received will probably encourage others to purchase from me as well.

Now there might be a small chance the customer was trying to take advantage of me but I didn’t think about that.  It might happen in 1% of cases, but what about the 99%.  So I always assume the customer is always right (the item might have been damaged in transit) and as a result they are a lot happier and will be more likely to either recommend me or purchase from me again. Which is what happened in this case.

I firmly believe that we have to keep our customers happy as at the end of the day the customers ultimately pay the bills and pay the salaries. Without customers, there IS no business! I think sometimes businesses forget this, especially large corporations.

And whether you are selling a product or service I think the same reasoning should apply in each case and that the customer is always right.

I think if we follow this principle we can’t got wrong.

But that’s just my opinion….. What do you think?

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Please don’t read if you have not seen episode 4 of the new series of Torchwood: Miracle day yet….Spoiler alert.

Well at the start of this episode of Torchwood Esther makes a very silly/stupid decision and visits her sister, an excessively paranoid woman who wont let her children out of the house. Worried, Sarah contacts the authorities.  But, on the way out of the neighborhood, she is spotted by a mysterious man in black who then follows Esther. He later tells the Green Triangle gang (Who are they? I wonder) in a husky fashion, “The path to Torchwood is open and clear.”

Anyway,  Jack, Rex, Esther and Gwen end up on a beach in LA, where PhiCorp’s main headquarters just so happens to be located. So the Torchwood team makes plans to break in and learn what they can.  Esther is able to hack into the system, but the classified information is held inside a sealed harddrive that can’t be broken into indirectly.  The only option is for them to break into the building itself and replace the harddrive with a fake so the company believes its been destroyed.

In this episode Rex acts like a real arsehole and argues with everyone about everything.Rex comes across a wall of fliers bearing the slogan “Dead is  Dead,”which has become something of a phenomenon, apparently. There’s a  growing movement to quarantine the people who should have died, and the appearance of Ellis Hartley Monroe, who doesn’t spend enough time in this episode in my opinion.

In addition a detainment facility (referred to as Plague ship hospital) has been set up for those who should have died. And it appears they are being set up all over the world, probably by Phicorp.

And speaking of accommodation, the Torchwood team manage to get a house, mostly on virtue of  Jack’s charm with the real estate agent who seems quite smitten with him. “Do you make everyone around you  gay?” Rex asks incredulously. “That’s the plan,” Jack replies with that devilish grin. Displaying once more the unprofessional tendencies that  boil Rex’s blood, Gwen pops out to take a call with Rhys, and we see  that she is under the surveillance of the mysterious man in black.

Next, we see Oswald being pestered by his redheaded publicist, a woman whose  allegiance and intention is still foggy, maybe deliberately. But, then,  maybe not. He tells her that he’s done some research into Phicorp, and  hit nothing but dead ends, since apparently all it takes is a Google  search to unearth how shady they are.

Elsewhere, Rex visits his father  with the intention of stealing painkillers, which is a totally bizarre thing to do because I didn’t see the point of this scene at all.  It made no sense as nothing comes of it, and it’s never mentioned again.  Once he returns to the hideout, they begin to plan an Oceans 11/mission impossible type heist. Firstly Jack and Gwen ambush/meet Nicholas Frankun (the only man with access to a special part of Phicorp’s infrastructure that is accessed  by his voice, hand print and retinas) while he is walking with his wife and baby (that was lucky) to get a copy of  his voice, handprint and retinas. Then Jack and Gwen use what must be “impossible technology” to imitate these biological functions.

Back  at the plague ship hospital the doctor girl that’s inexplicably involved in every medical crisis everywhere in the world always, stresses  just how insane this is. The whole thing spirals into a pundit war,  with Hartley-Munroe, the spearhead of the “Dead is Dead” thing getting  outshone by Oswald Danes, who regains his media spotlight by uttering some hollow sentimental platitudes. Mrs. Hartley-Munroe sips on some drugged coffee at the end of the scene and falls unconscious.

Meanwhile Nicholas Frankun, the man that Jack and Gwen ambushed earlier, has his biology circumvented  in a much more grisly way by the mysterious man in black. His voice, his hand,  his eye. Ouch.

So finally Torchwood & friends put their heist into action. I must say at this point that Gwen looked pretty sexy in her business suite.  But the whole thing is interrupted when Gwen is assaulted by the mysterious man in black, who subsequently manages to  subdue Jack. He gives a long talk about life, death and something about his employers meeting Jack a long time ago . But before he can reveal his employers name Rex bursts into the room and fills the guy with bullet holes, one of them being in his throat so he can’t talk.

The episode concludes with Ellis Hartley Monroe awakening in the back of a car.  The people behind PhiCorp, the green Triangle gang now revealed to be The Family, have decided that she needs to be taken out of the picture.  It seems that with Oswald Danes as their pawn, she is not necessary.  The car is crushed in a compactor, leaving her un-dying like so many of those she decried, unable to die, and trapped inside a claustrophobic space. We are left at the of the episode with a glimpse inside the wreckage of the car and her eye blinking, pretty gruesome :).

So, what did I think of this one? Well its slightly better than the rest.  It’s not great, but it’s really not bad. We get some action and the climax is pretty good.  We even get some answers but it’s still slow/dull, in my opinion.  However, if the story speeds up and we get more action I may have to change my overall opinion of Miracle Day. So, Russel T Davies please speed the story up and give us the action Torchwood deserves.

But still no sign of aliens, yet!

What do you think? Do you agree?

Here is a quick look at the next weeks episode:-

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