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Sorry this challenge update is a bit late, but I have been taking a break from doing challenges.

Anyway in September I am afraid I only completed 1 challenge which was very tiring. I did a 5 mile walk and as a result I was not very well for a couple of days and so I decided to have a break from doing any challenges for a bit. As a result I have not done any challenges since beginning of September.

I am going on holiday to Australia soon with my in-laws who have kindly paid for it.  I hope to attempt some challenges whilst I am away but spending time with my in-laws could be considered a challenge in itself :).

So while I am away I plan to attempt the following challenges:-

27. Write a poem about my condition 45 words in length

28. Bush tucker challenge

29. Have a selfie taken with some kangaroos 

30. Get an upgrade on the flight

As you know I am doing 45 challenges to raise awareness for kidney disease, organ donation  and raise money for the British Kidney Patient Association (BKPA). So far I have raised about £350. So come on every body, please sponsor me,

By the way, if you are not on the organ donation register, sign up below. Organ Donation Save Lives