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I know there have probably been a few reviews written and you are all doctor who out I thought I would let you know what I thought. I am sorry it is a bit late, but have been really busy.

I (Well the whole family) had been looking forward to this for months ever since John Hurt was revealed as a Doctor at the end of “the name of the doctor”.  But I was worried that because of the amount of hype that it had received it wouldn’t meet my expectations. But I shouldn’t have worried.

I had some boxes that I wanted ticking prior to watching. Nod to classic series – ticked, Action – ticked, special effects – ticked, Time war – ticked, daleks – ticked. So I was satisfied.

From the start with the classic old titles, music and walking policeman you felt this was going something special.

Steven Moffat always had a difficult job to do, balance pleaseiing classic and modern doctor fans as well as pleasing those that havent seen doctor who before. And he think he managed it beutifully.  I have read some comments from people complaining that histtory was changed by having the doctor hide galfrey instead of destroying it. But if you think about it, history hasn’t changed. The John hurt and david tennant doctor will still think gallefrey was destroyed because they forgot the new event as soon as they went off in their respective Tardis’s. I thought it was a very clever move as it has taken the show in awhole new direction.

When Doctor Who first started many moons ago, the Doctor was running away from his home planet — first as a TARDIS-stealing criminal, then in exile, then running from his responsibilities to help govern there, and finally running away from the memory of having destroyed it. Now, he’s running back home.

There are plenty of shout-outs for “Whovians” young and old. From a distinct Fourth Doctor-like scarf appearing wrapped around a nerdy peripheral character, the prominence of old Who comrades U.N.I.T throughout the episode and a reprised Billie Piper’s role as an omniscient Rose/Bad Wolf helping to steer the War Doctor in the right direction, this is an episode that wants to celebrate 50 years as well as tell something brand new.

There were brilliant special affects and loads of action.  and more Daleks than you can count.

At the heart(s) of the episode, we have a simple tale of Doctor Who baddies The Zygons – shapeshifting monsters that can mimic people (and animals) around them but otherwise look like big, ugly suckers – breaking free from oil paintings in London’s National Gallery to take over the world. Meanwhile, Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor jumps through a time fissure to team up with David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor and save the day.

It’s not all fun and action though. Delivering on the epic saga side of the Time Lord’s story was the mysterious ‘War doctor’ (John Hurt) who was on the brink of carrying out the mass genocide that has dogged the Doctor ever since Christopher Eccleston walked out of the TARDIS in the regenerated show in 2005. The ruthless Doctor is given a chance to meet his future incarnations to see first-hand the consequences of his actions and how he will feel about them with the benefit of hindsight.

As for the assistants, Jenna Coleman’s Clara was touching and Billie Piper (Rose) was transfixing as the “Bad Wolf” Rose. But its a shame David Tennant’s doctor couldn’t see her.  But since it was the weapons “consciousness” maybe it could have took the form of other previous companion’s as well, for example Jack Harkness, Donna Noble or others, just a thought.

One of the highlights  for me, though was when the three Doctors came together, thanks to a time fissure and some fez throwing.  The manner in which John Hurt’s The War Doctor ripped the piss out of Ten and Eleven was relentless and glorious. The dialogue John Hurt got to play with in particular was fantastic. The line  “Are You Capable Of Speaking Without Flapping Your Hands About?” was one of many that had me in stiches.

But the funniest moment has to be when three versions of one of the cleverest characters in the universe forgot to check that the door that they were trapped behind wasn’t locked. Brilliant.

Tantalisingly, we were also given a surprise debut from new Doctor Peter Capaldi, his eyes flashing before us, that hinted at trouble to come.

But it was the last five minutes that stole the show for me as fourth Doctor Tom Baker made his appearance. Baker appeared as a “curator” telling Matt Smith’s Doctor to go and look for Gallifrey. His voice from the past was haunting and the exchange between Baker and Smith was very tender. And then seeing all the doctors at the end looking out proved too much for me and bought a tear to my eyes.

My Verdict, Well the whole familys verdict, it was absolutely brilliant :), what do you think?

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