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Hi all,

Over the weekend (Friday 6th July 2012 to Saturday 7th July 2012) I took a trip down to London to visit London Film & Comic Con 2012 and I thought I would tell you what I thought.

I booked my tickets a few months ago and was very much looking forward to it.  Its my first time at visiting such an event and so I did not know what to expect.  I travelled down on the train to London Euston (from Crewe) on friday night, in first class I might add (another first for me) and enjoyed the complimentary food and drink whilst utilising the free wifi.

I stayed overnight in a travel lodge in Battersea. It was comfortable and what I expected budget accommodation to offer so have no complaints. On Saturday morning I made my way to the Grand Hall Olympia where the event was to take place. My first experience was not good.  The organisation of the event was Fucking crap, to say the least.  We were basically left to our devices waiting outside for the doors to open.  There must have been at least 100 people there at 8 am already when I got their.  The staff did not have a clue to where we should queue and it would have spoilt a good day if it weren’t for the joyful nature of the people waiting outside.

At 9 am the doors opened and very little attempt was made to organise us we entered the building.  But once I had got inside, with the rest of the stampede, it was further chaos as there was confusion as to where to go to get guides of the event and purchase talk and photograph tickets.  There were no signs or helpful staff indicating which way to go.

But other than the crap disorganisation of the event, it was pretty good.  Many many people dressed up in a variety of characters, which I of course took pictures of (see below).  It was good fun.

And there were many stars giving out autographs, Anthony Head, Kevin Sorbo, Gates Mcfadden, Kenny Bakerm and Hayden Panettiere to name but a few, but unfortunately you had to pay.  The price varied from £10 upwards.  But I just couldn’t justify paying £15 for an autograph. so I didn’t get any. The talks and photo shoots with the stars were also priced from £10 upwards, which I thought was extortionate.

And there were many trade stands selling all sorts of collectables and memorabilia. If I had the money I would have had a field day.

The venue was ok, and the food and drinks were expensive as expected.  To give you an idea how much, a small orange juice cost me £2.50 and a hot dog cost £4.25.  Fortunately I had brought a few drinks and some food with me.

After a long day I left the event feeling tired and weary and made my way home.  On the whole I had a really good day and met some wonderful people.  Would I go again next year, yep probably.

Did you goto Comic con 2012, what did you think? And  if you recognise any of the pictures (Are they you) then please let me know :).

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Hi all,

On Friday I went to cinema and saw new Harry potter film “Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows”…. very very good film, absolutely fantasic, I cant wait for the final one.

I am now in the middle of writing a review for the SFHDominion monthly magazine, can you guess what I am going to say lol

Anyway, what did you think of the film, here is a trailer to wet your apetite…