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Hi all,

This morning, after adding more comics to my science fiction and horror online shop, I started thinking about who my favourite super hero was.  So I decided to compile a top 10 list, shown below. But then I also realised that without super villains, would there even be any super heroes? So I have also included a top 10 list of villains. Not anybody can be bad, to be considered a villain, you have to be ruthless, powerful, and sometimes, downright crazy.

I have based my assessment on a combination of factors including strengths, weaknesses, superpowers, character and likeability.

Anyway, here’s my list of Superheroes……..

Super Heroes

1. Superman

2. Hulk

3. Wolverine from “the X men”

4. Human torch from “the fantastic four”

5. Spiderman

6. The Thing from “the fantastic four”

7. Batman

8. Captain America

9. Cyclops from “the X men”

10. Dr Who

I know some people might not consider Dr Who a superhero but if you can single handily defeat Daleks, Cybermen and other foes then, in my opinion, that must make you some a sort of super hero.

Take a look at my list of the top 10 super villains…….


1. Magneto

2. Dr Doom

3. Skeletor

4. Green goblin

5. Darth Vader

6. Vane

7. Dark phenix

8. Count Dracula

9. Lex Luthor

10. Hannibal Lecter

So does everybody agree with me, what do you think? Let me know your top 10 lists.

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Hi all.

I watched Spiderman 3 earlier today and it got me thinking, who is every ones favourite superhero/superheroes?

Well, me, I have a couple of favourites.

Firstly, for their power and industractability I believe its a tie between the hulk and superman. 

Superman has Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, invulnerability,freezing breath, super hearing, laser eyes, multiple extrasensory and vision powers, longevity, flight, intelligence and regeneration. The hulk possesses the potential for astounding levels of superhuman strength, directly depending on his emotional state, particularly his anger, spawning the famous quote: “The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets.”  By the way, I have often wondered who would win in a fight between Superman and the Hulk :).

Secondly. for his good sense of humour and wisecracks it has to be spiderman. Unfotunately He isnt as strong as other superheroes but uses his speed, agility, web and wit to comfound enemies. 

And finally my favourite teams is the fantastic four which have a mixute of brain, brawn and power.

The fantastic four are: Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards), a scientific genius and the leader of the group, who can stretch his body into incredible lengths and shapes; the Invisible Woman (Susan “Sue” Storm), Reed’s wife, who can render herself and others invisible and project powerful force fields; the Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Sue’s younger brother, who can generate flames, surround himself with them and fly; and the monstrous Thing (Ben Grimm), their grumpy but benevolent friend, who possesses superhuman strength and endurance due to the nature of his stone-like flesh.

I have to mention the x-men as well which I also like.  The X-men have consisted a number of heroes including Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast, wolverine, Rogue, Storm and Jean Grey. They possess special powers due to their possession of the “X-Gene,” a gene normal humans lack but which gives Mutants their abilities.  The abilities vary from one hero to another.

I have loved these superheroes since I was a kid when I read the comics and am glad they have made to the big screen.

So, what does every one else think.  Who is your favourite superhero? or superhero team? 

If you have more than 1, like me, then please give me your top 5 or top 10 superheroes.

Anyway, I will leave you with a clip from Spiderman 3……