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Hi there, hope you are all well.

Not to too long ago some body accused me of just having a “lifestyle business” and that I wouldn’t make loads of money from it and that I should get a “proper Job”.  Read about it here

As you may know at the moment, as well as working on my business, I also work part-time for a pharmaceutical company. I do this because I want to spend as much time as I can with my family. When I started working for this pharmaceutical company it was full-time. And I could quiet easily still be working full-time and earning loads of money, but then I wouldn’t see much of my family. I would be too stressed and too knackered to play with my son. So I made a choice, I asked to work part-time.

And that’s what I do, 3 days a week I’m a documentation technician for a pharmaceutical company.  And the rest of time I spend either with my family or on my business. I love science fiction and horror and am passionate about what I do.  I feel less stressed and am able to spend time with family which would never have been possible if I still worked full-time.

I am not interested in making loads of money. Dont get me wrong I do want to make a success of my business and achieve a certain level of income. My ultimate aim is to build my business up to a level where I can do that full-time and quit my “proper job”. But, in my opinion it’s not always about the money or the end result. And it’s not always about the latest flash car, latest computer, Gadget, TV or poncy suit. Sometimes I think it is just about enjoying the journey and spending time with people you love.

And if I do have a “lifestyle business” and I don’t make loads of money, is that wrong?

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