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Hi all,

Yesterday evening (5th April 2012) was a first for me.  It was my first time being on a radio station. I was a guest on the history and mystery show (7 – 9pm) with Tim Prevett on RedShift Radio.

First a bit of background… Redshift radio is a not-for-profit Online community radio station of South Cheshire, mainly serving Crewe,  Nantwich, Sandbach and all the towns and villages between. It was founded by Liz Southall and Gavin Hammond. Liz is an avid and dedicated friendly networker, who always has a smile on her face. Gavin is a doctor of Nuclear Physics incorporating his experience into radio.  Redshift radio does a brilliant job for the community.

For more information:-

Tim Prevett is the host of the history and mystery show and runs history and mystery tours of Crewe. For me information:-

He was an excellent host who made me feel very welcome.  Before hand I was very nervous. I turned up at 6.45pm walked into the studio unsure what I would say on the radio. Tim immediately put me at ease, introduced me to his children (reinforcing the fact that redshift radio is a community based family radio station) and discussed what we would be talking about in his show. We discussed the running order of the music and when he would be playing my chosen songs. I sat down and nervously had a drink of water.

The show started and Tim introduced me and I nervously said who I was. And after a nervous start I started to really enjoy myself. In fact I had an awesome talking about science fiction films, comics and other stuff. We discussed a number of films including Alien, Highlander, the Avengers, Spiderman and we had in-depth discussion about Doctor Who and our favourite episodes/doctors.

I loved listening to my chosen pieces of music. First he played “Relax” by Frankie goes to Hollywood (One of the first songs I ever heard when I was at school, It was banned at the time, although at that age 13 or 14 I did not understand what all the fuss was about). My next choice was “Who wants to live forever” by Queen (I love the film it came from “Highlander” and it always bring a tear to me). My last choice “Everything I do I do it for you” by Bryan Adams (I dedicated this song to my lovely wife, this is our song).

But the highlight for me was when he played the Doctor Who theme tune. Even after many years this theme tune still sends shivers down my spine and gets me thinking about the 1st time I ever watched Doctor who and hid behind the sofa when I first heard the music (many many moons ago)!!

The 2 hours soon went by and before I knew it the show was over.  I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed myself. Afterwards I felt as high as I kite because of the adrenaline running thru me from being on the show, in fact I was buzzing.  Lets just say it took a while for me to goto sleep when I got into bed :).

I just want to thank Tim for being a brilliant host and want to thank redshift radio for allowing me on their radio station.

Here is a link to a recording of the show.

So have you been on the radio? Do you want to go on the radio? let me know your experiences.

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