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There is a rumour of a remake of the Firestarter movie, No not from “the prodigy” but from a book by steven king 🙂

Stephen King’s story of a pyrokinetic little girl and her ability to torch anyone who makes her mad will return to movie screens in a reboot of the 1984 film FIRESTARTER. Universal Pictures and Dino De Laurentiis Co. have joined forces to create the film and according to Variety, Mark L. Smith is hard at work penning a script for the reboot of the classic sci-fi/horror flick.

Here is a quick look at the original

Some people will remember (although not me) an adorably young Drew Barrymore in the role of little Charlie McGee as she and her daddy tried to escape the wicked government that sought to exploit their drug induced abilities. In this re-envisioning representatives for Universal Pictures commented that Charlie McGee will have “a little more edge” but what that statement entails is not yet known.

I have read the book (not seen the 1984 film) and thought it was brilliant so wait in eager anticipation for this new movie.  Steven King is a brilliant author, in fact he is my favourite, and his film adaptations are normally pretty good too.  Who can forget Mysery!!! If you have read the book you have got to see the film version…

So what do you think about Steven King, do you agree with me? Are you looking forward to the remake of the Firestarter and are there any other film adaptations of his books you want made?