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On saturday 12th November 2011 I visited the Golden Orbit science fiction comic and card trade fair in Manchester.  It was my first time going to such an event and so I did not know what to expect.  Normally I buy comics from Ebay or car boot sales.

Before going I was pretty nervous as I thought I wasnt going to enjoy it.  I had the preconception of a room full of anoraks/nerds (like comic book guy from the simpsons) skulking around the room but was pleasantly surprised. Instead there were all kinds of “normal” people (both adults and children) buying and selling comics and other collectables.   You even had children involved helping their mum or dad selling comics.  There were a lot of dealers. In fact I was told that dealers attend from all across the UK and sometimes abroad, selling thousands of science fiction, film and comic related collectables both old and new.  There were comics, trading  cards, toys, tv/film magazines, posters, books, graphic novels, games  and all kinds of sci-fi/fantasy collectables.

But mainly there were comics, and believe there were a lot of comics.  Everywhere I looked, more comics.  But there were a hell of a lot people buying them as well.  Like a pack wolves they looked through the hundreds of comics available (some checking there lists to see which comics they needed to complete their collection). I had a good look through myself and I bought 2 comics.  I had a very enjoyable time there.  The only downside is paying £2 to get in.  But this event has made me realise that I am in pretty healthy niche market and given me the incentive to go to more trade fairs. And also it has taught me a valuable lesson and that’s be carefull of preconceptions you may have about new things as you may miss out on opportunities if you rely on preconceptions which put you off.

So, have you been to any comic fairs, what are your experiences?

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Are you Self Employed? Why don’t you get a proper Job?

Have you ever been asked this? I have. “Why don’t you get a proper Job?” is probably one of the most common questions self-employed people are often asked (in my opinion).


First, what is a “proper” job. As companies continue to merge with competitors, downsize and cope with the continuing recession  a “proper” job is not what it used to be.  No job is safe is these days.

And secondly I could never go back to a “proper” job now and work for somebody else or some faceless organisation, why, well to start with no one tells you what to do. I have been self-employed since april this year.  I’m a dealer in science fiction and horror comics, books and other collectables. I am in total control and can decide when to work and when not too. I mean yesterday I just took the day off with no hassle of having to ask permission, just like that. And more importantly I take the credit if it goes right and at the end of the day its going to be me that is rewarded instead of some manager who doesn’t know what he/she is doing……

I love what I do but it’s not been easy and in fact it’s been very hard.  Starting a business is a pretty big change for starters and takes a lot of balls and courage. And growing the business is even harder, as it takes a lot of hard work and patience. You have to continually see what isn’t working and make changes in order to continue on the path. There have been a lot of hard times with very little money as there was no secure regular income but I always think if you didn’t have these hard times you wouldn’t appreciate the good times.  But not everybody is cut out to do it. And I guess those people can get very jealous because they cant do it, which is probably why they ask “Why don’t you get a proper Job?”.

I knew this first year would be extremely tough, especially having very little money, and sometimes I did wonder if I am doing the right thing but I only have to listen to others who have a “proper” job constantly complaining about their job to make me realise that I am blessed and that I have made right decision.

Take my brother for instance who works all the hours god sends and has forgotten I have existed.  He is contracted to work 9-5, monday to friday, doesn’t get overtime pay but normally works all day and doesn’t get home till late.  He also works at the weekends.  Does he get any thanks, probably not. Then for what, why does he do it, money. Dont make laugh, whats the point of money if you are always working and can’t enjoy it with your loved ones.

My parents are another classic examples of this.  I don’t have much memory of them in my early childhood as they were both working very hard (they worked all the hours under the sun) and when I did see them after school they were very stressed.  And even though they worked hard we still had very little money. When I was around 11 or 12 my father had to stop working due to ill health from a heart attack. He had Angina (heart disease) and so my mother had to stay at home and look after him. And so my main memory of my father is that of a stressed argumentative ill old man who drank loads, smoked and ultimately died of cancer and heart disease when I was about 17.   It’s not a nice memory to have and I don’t want my son to go through that. By the way my mother eventually passed away in 2006 from cancer.

Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 12 years I used to be one of those who put in extra hours just to get noticed on the hope I would get a promotion or pay rise.   But it never happens, instead it is expected of you that you work extra and you are asked to do more and more.  It was one of these places where unpaid overtime was an unwritten rule. And the only people who are rewarded are the senior managers who get big fat bonuses.

So, in answer to the question “Why don’t you get a proper Job?” No, why should I?

Never again will I work for some body else. Now if I work hard I will get rewarded. In addition, because I work from home I can spend as much time as I can with my family and choose my own hours to work.  And that’s whats important to me :).

What do you think, what are your experiences?

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Is The Customer Always Right?

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Misc
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In my opinion, YES.

From my experience I think there should be 2 rules we should use when dealing with customers, they are as follows:-

1. The customer is always right.

2. If the customer is just plainly wrong, then rule number one applies.

I have always tried to use these 2 rules and put myself in the customers position and try to deal with them as I would want to be treated.  I know if I have purchased something and I am not happy then good customer service goes a long way to keeping me happy.  And so if one of my customers customer complains about a product I aways assume they are right and try to rectify the problem.

For example, a couple of months ago somebody bought an item from my science fiction and horror ebay shop and claimed it was damaged when they received it. I know when I packaged it and posted the item it there was nothing wrong with it so I could have quiet easily have treated the customer as if he/she was a liar and it was their fault.  But I didn’t, I apologised for the problem and gave them a choice of either returning the product and getting a full refund or 10% off their next purchase as this is what I would have expected.  The customer chose 10% off their next purchase and in addition left very good feedback on ebay about the transaction.  As a result of my actions (and assuming the customer is always right) the customer was happy and the positive feedback I received will probably encourage others to purchase from me as well.

Now there might be a small chance the customer was trying to take advantage of me but I didn’t think about that.  It might happen in 1% of cases, but what about the 99%.  So I always assume the customer is always right (the item might have been damaged in transit) and as a result they are a lot happier and will be more likely to either recommend me or purchase from me again. Which is what happened in this case.

I firmly believe that we have to keep our customers happy as at the end of the day the customers ultimately pay the bills and pay the salaries. Without customers, there IS no business! I think sometimes businesses forget this, especially large corporations.

And whether you are selling a product or service I think the same reasoning should apply in each case and that the customer is always right.

I think if we follow this principle we can’t got wrong.

But that’s just my opinion….. What do you think?

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Hi all,

Time for something completely different 🙂

As I was doing my weekly accounts the other day I thought I would write about something a bit different and that’s my personal thoughts of when I think a hobby turns into a business and the differences between the two.

I think there is a fine line between a hobby and business, and sometimes it is difficult to understand which you are doing.  I would imagine there are a lot people (like me) who have a hobby and want make it into a business. Not too long ago I finally made the transition from hobby to business and so I thought I would share my views/personal experience on what I think is the way to differentiate a hobby to running a business.

So, what is the difference between a business and a hobby? I hear you ask.

Well I think the main difference is that a business is structured to make a profit, while a hobby is just done for your own enjoyment. Although don’t get me wrong running a business is still enjoyable. But ultimately its main goal is to make money.

I’m guessing that for some of you reading this post, you view yourselves as having a hobby or running a business.  (Or aspiring to run a business.)  But are you really?  Because in addition to the goal of profitability, I think there is another very important factor in the difference between business and hobby.  And that’s Perception.

There are three areas where I think perception comes into play in your business:

  1. How you view yourself and your business.
  2. How you present yourself and your business to others.
  3. How others perceive you and your business.

What do I mean? Well let’s look at each of these areas in a little more detail.

1. How you view yourself and your business.

In some ways, I think this one seems like the easiest.  You tell yourself, “Hey, I run my own business.”  You sell your products, so that must be true, right?  But as I have learned from past experiences, many of us struggle with the idea of seeing ourselves as running a business.  Namely that part about how businesses exist to make a profit and are entitled to do so.

So before you can even begin to scrutinize the other two areas of perception, you need to make sure you are giving yourself credit.  You have to get comfortable with the idea that you are a business owner.  An entrepreneur.  A creative empire builder.  And someone who is in it to make a profit.  And you have to make a profit/make money to live on, otherwise you can’t live.

2. How you present yourself and your business to others.

Ok, so you’ve come to view yourself as a creative entrepreneur.  Fantastic.  But do you present yourself as a business owner to those around you?

When someone asks you what you do, how do you respond?  Maybe you say, “I make/sell jewelry,” or “I’m a jewelry designer.”  But statements like that actually don’t help with the perception that you run a business and not just make jewelry as a hobby.  Instead, I think it helps if you change that response to promote the idea that you own and run a business and not just selling stuff? In my case, my hobby was my interest in science fiction and horror and I collected comics.  Now I say something like “I am self employed and I have an online business called the world of science fiction and horror. I buy and sell science fiction and horror collectables (mainly comics and books) from my online shop. I also offer a monthly newsletter, games and trailers on my website”.  I think it sounds more professional than just “I sell comics”.

I think your actions go a long way towards projecting your persona as a savvy business owner.  Do you make your business a priority, or do you try to squeeze it in between the other parts of your life?  Do you designate certain hours as “business time” or do you let yourself get interrupted by shopping trips and lunches out?

I used to be totally guilty of this.  My office is in the living room and I would sit at my computer and try to plan my day to work, and then my wife would ask me if I wanted to go shopping.  I’d usually say yes.  Or I would turn the tv on and watch Jeremy Kyle for a couple of hours. Or my son would want me to play with him, so I would. Or something else would distract me. Let me tell you, I don’t think that communicated the idea that I was really serious about running my business to my family.  (Especially to my wife, who was probably very frustrated that I was on the computer doing whatever (and not looking for a proper job) while she was at work.).  Now I am much more strict with my time.  And so now when I’m at my desk/office on the computer then “I’m working.” and so I want to be left alone.

Ultimately, my point is this.  If you’re going to talk the talk (“I run my own business”) then you need to walk the walk.

3. How others perceive you and your business.

I think this is essential and is really important to running a business. Sometimes in the past I struggled with the way I was perceived by certain members of my family and other people I encounter in my geographic community.  And it was very hard convincing some people that I was running a business and not pursuing a hobby.

My brother for instance, last year when I told him I was thinking about starting a business, gave me no moral support at all and just told me to get off my arse, stop pissing around and get a “proper job”.   Fortunately I ignored him but it didn’t install me with confidence at the time.  I think these people (in my opinion) are just jealous because they havent got the bottle to try their own business and prefer to just moan about how unhappy they are in their stressful 9 to 5 job, but thats just my opinion :).

But then again it might not be your friends or family.  Look around at everyone you interact with.  Do your vendors and suppliers view you as running a business?  What about your customers?

In order for your business to be successful, I think it’s important that the people you surround yourself with understand that you are, in fact, running a business. For example join/start a networking group.

Regardless of your background, I think many craft and design businesses (especially those based out of the home) struggle with the perception of what you do as a glorified hobby.  Even if this was never your hobby, I think it’s still worth exploring how to make it clear to everyone that you are running a business.

But how do you shift that perception from one of hobbyist to one of business owner I hear you ask?  Well, the main thing you need to go from hobby to business is that you need to get serious. And I don’t mean serious in suit and tie kind of way.  I very rarely wear and shirt and tie.  And I don’t mean that you should never have fun.  Far from it.  you want to enjoy what you’re doing, otherwise whats the point.  What I mean by get serious is that you need to make a commitment to doing those things that make your business into, well, a business.  And so now every day I’m working on ways to present myself to change that perception by changing how I feel about myself.

How do I do this?

  • Well I think first you need to get serious about the numbers.

If you truly want to run a successful business, you need to get serious about the numbers.  Numbers give you so much information – your income versus expenses tells you profit, sales data tells you what’s working and what isn’t, and cash flow projections tell you if you’re going to have any money in the bank next month. Therefore, make a business plan and keep track of your accounts.  And make time to update it. I have made a business plan and continually update it.

When it comes down to it, the cold hard truth is that businesses track their profits.  Until you do, you really aren’t running a business. I make a point of doing my accounts at least once a week, usually friday, so that I know exactly where I am in any month. In addition, keeping your accounts up to date has the additional benefit of making your tax return at the end of the year much easier to do.

  • And then I think you need to get serious about your time.

I stop saying “I didn’t have time for something,” and switch to “I didn’t make it a priority.”  Because often, lack of time is really lack of prioritization.

In order to run a successful business, you need to carve out time to run your business.  And if that means you need to set a schedule for business hours, then by all means do so. Which is what I do.  I set out time which I am working and time that I can spend with family and do other pursuits. I normally start at around 9am and work most of the day. I then have a break between 3 and 6.30pm so I can spend time with my son.  I spend most my evenings (after my little boy has gone to bed) focusing on my business.  I do focus a lot of my time on my business now and sometimes I really have to force myself to take the odd day off or 2 so I can relax and spend more time with my family.

Running a successful business takes either time or money.  If you have one, you can make do without the other.  But you can’t run a successful business without investing significant amounts of one of those two things.

The next time you find yourself moaning about your lack of time to run your business, then ask yourself how you can reorder priorities to have time for your business.  Can you watch less TV?  Can your spouse help with kids or housework?  Can you cut out needless shopping trips?  Can you focus on taking your business to the next level? I have been very lucky in that my wife is very supportive and tries to make sure that I am not disturbed when I am working.

If you never carve out some serious time for your business, you’ll find it hard to convince others (and eventually yourself) that you’re actually running a business.

  • And finally I think you need to get serious about the realities of running a business.

Running a business is hard.  Sometimes you lose money.  Sometimes customers don’t pay on time.  Sometimes customers complain. Sometimes you want to bang your head against the wall.  Sometimes you’re filled with an overwhelming sense of panic about how you’ll pay your bills this month.  Sometimes you’ll stress over whether or not you’re making the right choices or heading in the right direction. And sometimes you think “I don’t want to do this anymore”.

And in order to run a business, you have to understand and accept all of this.  I think you have to be brave, resillient and adaptable. You have to accept that some days it might not be fun. Some days you will have to do tasks you don’t really want to do.  Or figure out ways to delegate those tasks to others. But either way, they have to get done.

It’s much happier to pretend all that other stuff doesn’t exist.  To just make and try to sell your products.  But ignoring the fact that running a business is hard doesn’t make that reality go away.  It just means that you aren’t really running a business.

But I think there is definitely an upside to this.  And that is once you accept that reality that running a business is hard you then open yourself up to the possibility that running a business can also be really, really great and very rewarding.  As a result you give yourself a chance to create something bigger than yourself.  Something that can provide a great life for you and your family.

But only if you commit to the fact that running a business is not the same as a pursuing a hobby.

I know running my business is going to be hard work. But I think it has the potential to be so much more rewarding (both financially and emotionally).   But it won’t happen over night, it’s going to take a lot of hard work, patience and some luck to succeed.  I know I still have a long long way to go but, in my opinion, the rewards are going to be a lot better than working in a 9 to 5 job for some body else.  Even Lord Sugar started with nothing and took a long time to get to where he is now.

But at the end of the day its going to be me that is rewarded instead of some manager who doesn’t know what he/she is doing……

Well, that’s what I think anyway. I hope reading this blog has proved interesting for you. So, do you have a hobby that you want to turn/have turned into a business.  What are your experiences? Do you agree/disagree? Let me know?

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Is time travel possible?

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Misc

When I watched Dr Who recently I wondered is Time travel possible??

I think it’s a very intriguing question as I love science fiction and stuff to do with time travel.  The “back to the Future” trilogy and “the time machine” are my favourite films to do with time travel. And so with my scientific background it got me thinking…..

Can we construct a time machine and travel throught time?

Well, I think we first need to look at Quantam theory and Einstein’s theory of relativity and see if time travel is theoretically possible within the laws of physics?. It’s very complicated so please bear with me.

I’m assuming that most of you have not got a degree in physics so I am going to try to make it as simple as possible.

So here’s the science bit!!!! (Skip if you want)

We will begin with quantam theory….

If we can look at an event that begins with a photon and an electron, and ends with a photon and an electron. We can say that what has taken place is a photon is absorbed by an electron,  the electron continues on a bit, and a new photon comes out. This process is called the scattering of light. When calculations are made for scattering, we must include some peculiar possibilities. For example, the electron could emit a photon before absorbing one. Even more strange is the possibility that the electron emits a photon, then travels backwards in time to absorb a photon, and then proceeds forwards in time again. The path of such a ‘backwards-moving’ electron can be so long as to appear real in an actual physical experiment in  the laboratory. The backwards-moving electron when viewed with time moving forwards appears the same as an ordinary electron, except it’s attracted to normal electrons – we say it has a ‘positive’ charge. For this reason it’s called a ‘positron’. The positron is a sister particle to the electron, and is an example of an ‘anti-particle’. This phenomenon is general.

Every particle in Nature has an amplitude to move backwards in time, and therefore has an anti-particle. When a particle and its antiparticle collide, they annihilate each other and form other particles. So time travel is not only possible, it is a perfectly normal phenomenon.

Now lets look at the Einstein’s theory of relativity….

Black holes, according to relativity theory, warp spacetime with their enormously powerful gravitation field. The effect of this gravitational field is that if an astronaut were to cross the event horizon of a black hole, time would slow down on board his spacecraft as he approached the singularity and eventually come to a stop. Similarly time slows down in proportion to speed, the faster our astronaut travels the slower time runs. The closer the astronaut travels to the speed of light the more time slows, until at the speed of light, time would stop. Both these effects of time being affected by speed and gravity illustrates that time is not a fixed  constant, but is affected by gravitational fields and relative speed in the same manner as the other three dimensions of space. The solutions to particular equations of the Special Theory of Relativity can be expressed mathematically in any direction of time without running into any problems. This means that there is nothing in relativity that rules out time travel and that it is theoretically possible.

Ok great its possible but if time travel is theoretically possible then it should have already happened and at some time in the future a clever scientist has already invented a time machine that can travel through time in any direction, just like the fictional time machine created by H. G. Wells.

So where is our intrepid time traveller?

To my knowledge, correct me if I am wrong, I believe history shows no record of a time traveller ever visiting us from the future, and so therefore I have to conclude it’s never going to happen. This appears at first glance to be a good solid argument against the possibility of time travel. But It may be that time travellers from the future have visited us, but have not revealed themselves in order to avoid changing the future. The fact that we have no record of having been visited by time travellers does not exclude its possibility.

Alternatively, time travel may be possible, but only into the future, the past already having been determined.

Finally, time travel into the past may be possible, but only into a different (alternative) universe, thus avoiding a paradox.

What do I mean by a Paradox? Let me try to explain.

The most commonly posed paradox is known as the ‘grand parent’ paradox. This states that if you could travel back in time you could murder your grand parents and thus prevent your existence, thus rendering it impossible for you to have gone back in time and killed them… no need to draw you a picture. Even more to the point perhaps, suppose you could travel back in time and kill the person responsible for time travel before they discover it! Then you wouldn’t have been able to travel back in time to kill him….. Catch 22. But this only reveals the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s examine a theoretical time travel situation in more detail in order to highlight some of the problems involved.

Ok lets imagine that today you travel back in time to say August 2001 and warn the authorities that the World Trade Centre in New York is going to be attacked on September 11th. Firstly will they believe you and lock you up for being a nutter. But suppose they do believe you and take the necessary action and as time unfolds the disaster is eventually averted.  But you are still in 2001 at this point and the disaster has been prevented, and you now wish to return to the time you came from. Here comes the Big Question – can you return to where you came from? Where you came from the attack had taken place, therefore where you came from no longer exists! If you do return to your original time, the World Trade Centre will still be standing (because you prevented the attack), so it cannot be where you came from. You will have changed the course of history, not just for yourself, but for the entire world. The question is, will the World Trade Centre still be standing when you return to your starting time? This is a major point of contention. According to one theory it both will and it won’t! This is because your actions will have created an alternative possibility and in the process an ‘alternative’ universe, where we now have one universe with the World Trade Centre intact, and one with it destroyed, and we will all exist in both.

The theory is firmly rooted in quantum theory that states that ALL alternative outcomes are possible. However, there is no evidence at this stage that the strange  phenomenon found in quantum theory can be applied to the larger world.

Yet another theory suggests that alternative universes will not be created because events will conspire against you that prevent you (as in this scenario) from warning the authorities and changing history. This ‘theory’ it isn’t really a theory as such, more an expression of a desire, because it is believed to be impossible (and very bad manners from the point of view of historians) to change history. The theory has no explanation as to how this ‘prevention’ could actually come about and has no solid theoretical basis. The same arguments can be applied to travel into the future. Suppose I travel 24 hours into the future and happen to meet myself crossing the street. (can you meet and interact with yourself?) . I push him in front of a car and he is killed instantly and then I return.

On my return, when tomorrow comes, I receive a visit from ‘me’ from my past. I of course knew he is gong to push me in front of a car and so I move out the way and push him into the path of the car and kill him instead. Can I do that? That isn’t what happened in my future, it was the ‘me’ in the future that died. Even if I don’t manage to kill ‘him’ in time and still die by the car, which one of us exactly is it that is still alive? We have created a nonsense scenario. Now this may sound like nonsense, and perhaps it is, but if the future really does exist then it does raise the prospect of meeting and interacting with yourself.

If we accept the idea that the future does exist, because time is just another dimension as discussed in the previous section, then these paradoxes would be unavoidable. If however, we take the view that only the dimension of time itself exists, and not the events  within it, then this would suggest that time travel is impossible. Why? Because if future events do not exist, then it would be impossible to travel into the future to witness them, there would be no ‘future’ to visit.

We either have to accept that if time travel is possible we will, by our actions , create all sorts of paradoxes, or accept that we will create alternative universes. The paradox problem will not go away. As for alternate universes, the mind boggles!.

So in answer to the question, is time travel possible??? Well, No I don’t think so because of the paradoxes created if you are able to interact with the surroundings. But if you are just an observer in a box and can’t interact with your surroundings then I think it may be theoretically possible.

But that’s just my opinion, what do you think?

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Hi all,

This morning, after adding more comics to my science fiction and horror online shop, I started thinking about who my favourite super hero was.  So I decided to compile a top 10 list, shown below. But then I also realised that without super villains, would there even be any super heroes? So I have also included a top 10 list of villains. Not anybody can be bad, to be considered a villain, you have to be ruthless, powerful, and sometimes, downright crazy.

I have based my assessment on a combination of factors including strengths, weaknesses, superpowers, character and likeability.

Anyway, here’s my list of Superheroes……..

Super Heroes

1. Superman

2. Hulk

3. Wolverine from “the X men”

4. Human torch from “the fantastic four”

5. Spiderman

6. The Thing from “the fantastic four”

7. Batman

8. Captain America

9. Cyclops from “the X men”

10. Dr Who

I know some people might not consider Dr Who a superhero but if you can single handily defeat Daleks, Cybermen and other foes then, in my opinion, that must make you some a sort of super hero.

Take a look at my list of the top 10 super villains…….


1. Magneto

2. Dr Doom

3. Skeletor

4. Green goblin

5. Darth Vader

6. Vane

7. Dark phenix

8. Count Dracula

9. Lex Luthor

10. Hannibal Lecter

So does everybody agree with me, what do you think? Let me know your top 10 lists.

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Hi everybody.

Do you want to visit Transylvania and see where Count Dracula lived???

Count Dracula (Viad III)

Count Dracula (Viad III)

Well, whilst I was networking the other day I started chatting to somebody who has just started a photographic travel business which I thought was really interesting and I thought I would share this with you.

Basically He has started a business called FoToRo, which is a company that organises photographic travel holidays to Romania.

Romania, until now, has been relatively untapped.  For their medieval atmosphere and castles, Transylvanian cities such as Sibiu, Braşov, Sighişoara, Cluj-Napoca, Târgu Mureş have become important touristic attractions for foreigners.

Rural tourism is primarily focused on folklore and traditions, and is targeted to promote such sites as Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle), the Painted churches of Northern Moldavia, the Wooden churches of Maramureş, or the Merry Cemetery in Maramureş County.There are many other major natural attractions in Romania such as Danube Delta, Iron Gates , Scărişoara Cave and several other caves in the Apuseni Mountains which  have yet to receive great attention.

Bran Castle (Dracula's Castle)

Bran Castle is situated near Bran and in the immediate vicinity of Braşov, and is a national monument and landmark in Romania. The fortress is situated on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia. It is commonly known as “Dracula’s Castle” (although it is one among several locations linked to the Dracula legend, including Poenari Castle and Hunyad Castle), it is marketed as the home of the titular character in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. There is, however, no evidence that Stoker knew anything about this castle, which has only tangential associations with Vlad III, voivod of Wallachia, the main inspiration for Dracula

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