My Kidney45challenge Australian Adventure

Posted: December 5, 2015 in kidney45challenge
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Sorry this update is a bit late. October and November was a good month of challenges. As you maybe aware  the family and I went on holiday to Western Australia with the mother in law and father in law (who kindly paid for the holiday).  I want to thank them for treating us to the holiday, as we would not have been able to afford it ourselves. Anyway, we arrived in Australia on the 15th October and stayed for about a month. First we stayed in a hotel in Perth for a couple of days and then we shared a villa in a place called Minderie.  Minderie is a small harbour on the coast about 22 miles north of Perth. We had an amazing time and I attempted a few challenges whilst I was away.

They were as follows:-

27. Eat Crocodile and Kangaroo

I did this challenge instead of a bush tucker challenge as I found it difficult find a place that offered bush tucker. So in the end I went to a restaurant that did kangaroo and crocodile instead. I tried kangaroo kebabs, Crocodile kebabs and crocodile ribs. I must admit they were very nice indeed.

28. Climb the leaning tower of Gingin (222 steps high)

We took a trip to a place called the gravity discovery centre near Gingin.  The centre was amazing. It had an interactive science museum, a cosmology gallery which had art from different background depicting science and the stars and the leaning tower of Gingin. Which is tower than leans at 15 degrees and consisted of 222 steps. I climbed the leaning tower  and standing at 45 metres high it was a huge challenge getting to the top. But I did it.

29. Eat jelly fish and century eggs (Chinese delicacy)

One evening we visited a Chinese restaurant in Perth . I had a Chinese delicacy called jelly fish and century eggs, which is basically pickled jelly fish with fermented rotten eggs. It was an acquired taste and I was almost sick. But I ate it and completed the challenge.

30. 10km Bush Walk

We took a trip to the John Forrest national park which is a huge national park near Perth. And I did a 10 km Bush walk around the park. I went along an old railway trail and saw waterfalls and very pretty landscape. It was very very very hard work as it was very hot (above 30C). It was so hard that there was a point that I did not think I would make it back to the car. But I did. I was very exhausted and hot at the end of it.

31. Take a picture of a whale whilst whale watching.

One day we went whale watching from Hillary’s harbour. The boat set off from Hillary’s harbour at about 9 am and we cruised between Rottnest island and Fremantle looking for whales. We were out for about 4 hours and we saw plenty of whales but it was very difficult trying to take a picture of them with my phone.

32. Get a selfie with a Kangaroo

We saw plenty of Kangaroos whilst we were away. We saw a few when we visited Yanchep National Park. It was very difficult getting close to them to get a salfie but I managed a quick picture in the end.

33. Play the didgeridoo

Whilst we were at Yanchep National Park we went to an aboriginal talk experience where we learnt loads about their culture and way of life. And whilst I was there I attempted the didgeridoo. Although it did sound like a damp fart :).

The biggest challenge though was…. 34)  Spending a month with my in-laws. Yes, I spent a month in the same villa with my mother in law and although their was the odd disagreement I survived, just :).

However, I think I did way too much whilst I was away as I have not been that well since we arrived back in the uk. Which is why its taken me so long to write this blog. And so as a result I will only be attempting 1 challenge in December and that’s to write a poem about my condition 45 words in length. As I have about 10 challenges left I will be continuing my challenges into next year.

As you know I am doing 45 challenges to raise awareness for kidney disease, organ donation  and raise money for the British Kidney Patient Association (BKPA). So far I have raised about £350. So come on every body, please sponsor me,

By the way, if you are not on the organ donation register, sign up below. Organ Donation Save Lives

  1. Sounds like a great trip, well done on the challenges!

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