Parliament, Radio and No Currys for a month

Posted: March 2, 2015 in kidney45challenge
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Hi every one.

This is an update on the kidney45challenge. Well, what a busy couple of days its has been trying to complete the challenges for February. It has been very tiring.

So what were my challenges for february?

Challenge 3) Not to eat spicy food or any food containing chillies, curry or spices for a month.

I thought this was going to be extremely difficult for me as I love my hot spicy food and have a curry 2 or 3 times a week. At the start of the month Simone, my lovely wife, hid all my spices, chillies and curry stuff at my mother-in-laws so that I wasn’t tempted. And I achieved it :). I managed a whole month without eating anything spicy. And on Tuesday (which coincidently is my birthday) I will treat myself to a curry.

Challenge 4) Get invited to downing street to meet the prime minister.

Well this was sort of completed. But instead of Downing street I was invited to the houses of parliament to meet the prime Minister (David Cameron) and my local MP (Edward Timpson).

last month I sent an email to Downing Street explaining my situation and my 45 challenges. And that 1 of the challenges was to meet the PM. I got a lovely letter back from the PM inviting me and family to see the PM at parliament. So on the 25th february we took the train down to London and was met by a nice young man called Dan Large who showed us around the houses of parliament and explained the history behind which was very interesting. We were then met by Edward Timpson and ushered into an office with David Cameron. David Cameron was a lovely man and took time out of his busy schedule to talk to us. We chatted about my health, my 45 challenges, organ donation and then he had a chat with Oscar about him being Home Educated. I must admit I was bit starstruck and loss for words. It was all very surreal :).


Challenge 5) Appear on local radio.

I was invited by Liz Southall from RedShift Radio (which is the local online radio station for crewe) to appear on her shown on Thursday 26th February. We chatted about my illness, organ donation and my 45 challenges.


And Challenge 6) Learn to count to 20 in Welsh.

Well I have completed this. This was very difficult as it is extremely difficult to remember things (due to my condition) I found it very hard to retain it. Plus I have been extremely tired and fatigued the past couple of days but I did it. Here is a short video.

So what are my challenges for March? They are:-

Challenge 7. Dont drink tea, coffee, coke or caffeine drinks for a month

Challenge 8. Complete 25 push ups and 50 sit ups in one go

Challenge 9. Dye hair red

Challenge 10. Learn to speak spanish (year challenge)

Challenge 11. Hot Chili or Curry Challenge

I have 35 challenges planned so far for this year, so still looking for more ideas.

If you have any challenge ideas please let me know.

So why am I doing this, Well to raise awareness for kidney disease and organ transplantation.

 •More than 10,000 people need an organ transplant in the UK.

•3,000 people a year die while on dialysis and more than 350 people a year die while waiting for a kidney transplant, that’s one person every day. The average waiting time for a kidney on the transplant list is about 1,000 days.

•Around 6000 people are on the waiting list for a kidney transplant

•Only 2500 kidney transplantations take place each year.

Organ Donation Save Lives

As well as raising awareness it is my intention to raise money for the British Kidney Patient Association who do wonderful work for those affected by kidney disease by providing grants to those that need it. And without their help last year I would not have been able to go on holiday to Mexico with my family.

Some come on every body, please sponsor me,

Catch you next time :).

  1. noelypb says:

    Brilliant stuff Darren, especially getting invited to meet the PM to discuss the challenges. Very impressed. And Happy Birthday for Tuesday!

  2. noelypb says:

    Got a challenge idea for you! Get a “Doctor’s” signature. And when I say “DOCTOR”, you know “WHO” I mean. Any one of the remaining 9 is fine. Maybe appropriate in November?

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