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Hi every one.

Well, I did it… I managed a whole month without shaving. It was hard at first as it was extremely itchy.

And so today… It was shaved all off:)

So that’s it, the challenges planned for january have been completed. Challenge 2, if you recall, was to stay in bed all day which I did back at the beginning of the month.

My next challenges for february are:-

1) Not to eat spicy food or any food containing chillies, curry or spices for a month. This is going to be extremely difficult for me as I love my hot spicy food and have a curry 2 or 3 times a week. Simone, will be hiding all my spices, chillies and curry stuff. I had my last curry take away for a month last night :(.

2) Get invited to downing street to meet the prime minister. Well I am working on this as we speak. WATCH THIS SPACE.

3) Appear on local radio, Well this is going to happen towards end of february, again, WATCH THIS SPACE.

And 4) Learn to count to 20 in Welsh. This is going to be hard.  :).

I have 35 challenges planned so far for this year, so still looking for more ideas.

If you have any challenge ideas please let me know.

So why am I doing this, Well to raise awareness for kidney disease and organ transplantation.

 •More than 10,000 people need an organ transplant in the UK.

•3,000 people a year die while on dialysis and more than 350 people a year die while waiting for a kidney transplant, that’s one person every day. The average waiting time for a kidney on the transplant list is about 1,000 days.

•Around 6000 people are on the waiting list for a kidney transplant

•Only 2500 kidney transplantations take place each year.

Organ Donation Save Lives

As well as raising awareness it is my intention to raise money for the British Kidney Patient Association who do wonderful work for those affected by kidney disease by providing grants to those that need it. And without their help last year I would not have been able to go on holiday to Mexico with my family.

Some come on every body, please sponsor me,

Catch you next time :).