The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, my review.

Posted: April 12, 2014 in Gossip/News/Reviews - Film

Hi folks, Hope you are well. After a long break of writing reviews here is my review of “The Hunger Games” which we  saw recently on BT Vision (Released at cinema on 22nd November 2013).  Please don’t read if you have not seen the film, spoiler alert.

This is the follow up to the highly acclaimed Hunger games which I thought was really good.

It starts where the other film left off. After winning the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) return home to District 12. President Snow (Donald Sutherland) visits Katniss and explains that her actions in the Games have inspired rebellions across the districts. He orders her to use the upcoming victory tour to convince everyone, including himself, her actions were out of love for Peeta not defiance against the Capitol, or he will have her family killed.

As the tour begins, Haymitch explains to them that they must continue pretending to be in love for the rest of their lives, or face the wrath of the Hunger Games leaders. Katniss suggests that she and Peeta could get married to show the districts that they are truly in love, which they decide to do. They have an engagement party in the Capitol and are publicly congratulated by President Snow, though he indicates to Katniss with a nod that he was not convinced.

There’s rebellion in the air, however as everywhere the troubled Katniss goes, someone is guaranteed to raise their hand in a three-fingered salute of solidarity and get a bullet to the brain for their troubles. Panem’s nefarious leader, President Snow knows revolution is on the horizon, so he and his henchman, Plutarch Heavensbee (Philip Seymour Hoffman), cook up something special for the games’ 75th edition.

President Snow announces the 75th special Hunger Games that shall be carried out by previous victors from each district. They are all devastated and angry at the announcement. As Peeta is a better public speaker than her and could more effectively function as a revolutionary icon than her, Katniss immediately devotes herself to ensuring Peeta survives, recruiting Haymitch’s help to do so, still knowing that if they pull out Haymitch’s name at the reaping (name draw), they cannot stop Peeta from volunteering. At the reaping, Effie draws Katniss and Haymitch’s names, but Peeta immediately volunteers to take Haymitch’s place, despite his heartfelt objection.

As they prepare it is revealed that all the previous victors from the games are angry at being returned to the games and so Haymitch advises a reluctant Katniss to make allies.

In the pre-Games interviews, Katniss wears her wedding dress, as ordered by President Snow, but her stylist Cinna rigs it to transform into a representation of a mockingjay, a symbol of rebellion. Peeta later announces that they are expecting a baby which causes immediate outrage and the audience of Capitol citizens to begin shouting for the Games to be stopped. However, the Games still continue.

In the Games, allies are made and broken, and the action intensifies until the film concludes with a “Matrix Reloaded” like cliff-hanger.

I was really looking forward to this film but I thought it was rather long for my liking.  The first half of which is a bit slow until action starts to ramp up  in the second half of the film.  Donald Sutherland is particularly good in his role as the evil president. And Jennifer Lawrence is also good in the film as the tormented heroin. The effects and action sequences are really good as well. And you certainly get a sense of foreboding for the people in the all different districts. But I must admit, in my opinion, it was not as good as the first film.   The third instalment is spilt into 2 films, so we will have to wait and see if they are any good too.

Would I recommend it, well yes it is worth a watch.

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