Is it the “Simpsons Movie”? No its start of “Under the Dome”

Posted: August 23, 2013 in Gossip/News/Reviews - TV
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This week we saw the first episode of “Under the Dome” on channel five and here is my review.

It is based on Stephen King’s novel set in the fictional Chester’s Mill, it’s about a small town that inexplicably finds itself sealed off, snow globe-like, by a sky-high transparent dome.

Well first I have say haven’t we seen this story before??? Mmmmm Oh yes I know it’s  “The Simpsons” Movie. Did the producers of “Under The Dome” really think no one would notice? I just couldn’t stop myself thinking about the Simpsons and half expected Homer Simpson to appear.

Anyway, back to “Under the Dome”.

In the opening moments of “Under the Dome” an impenetrable dome falls over the fictional town of Chester’s Mill. A light aircraft hits the invisible wall, explodes and tumbles out of the sky, a cow is sliced clean in half and the residents quickly realise there is no getting out… or in. Families are separated, emergency services are unreachable, and food and fuel are strictly limited.

Because things would otherwise get very dull very quickly, all the people trapped inside have secrets: “Big Jim” Rennie (Dean Norris), power-mad dignitary and possible propane smuggler; his psychotic son Jim Jr (Alexander Koch), who has the girl he’s loved since the third grade chained up in a fallout shelter; Dale Barbara (Mike Vogel), a criminal seen burying a body in the first scene who insists that everyone call him “Barbie”; and Julie (Rachelle Lefevre), an improbably sexy local newspaper editor whose husband is stuck on the other side of the dome – or is he?

This was a great start to the series and is an interesting premise. What happens to a town (or us for that matter) if we are cut off from the rest of civilization. The acting, story and effects are good. The story rattled along, and it was crammed with familiar Stephen King themes: the ravens, the dank woods, the clinker-built houses, the sheriff who sleeps in his own cells.

But why didn’t anyone try digging under the dome? Why isn’t the army trying to blow it up. Come to that, why didn’t the local rednecks start firing their guns at it? And why is that light is able penetrate the dome when radio waves and sound waves can’t.

I have not read the Stephen King novel so I don’t know what is going to happen but how long will we put up with stories in the town before we find out what the dome is or become bored with the whole thing.  I just hope it doesn’t become another “Lost”,

What do you think?

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