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On saturday we saw the return of the highly anticiapated new series of Doctor Who and here is my review.  Please don’t read if you have not seen this opening episode, major spoiler alert.

This was an awesome start to the beginning of the countdown to the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who next year. Steven Moffat promised a story featuring the most Daleks ever and he did not disappoint, “Asylum of the Daleks” had more Daleks than you could shake a stick at.

However, the biggest twist of all and possibly the best-kept secret (I never expected it) was the surprise debut of Jenna-Louise Coleman’s character Oswin Oswald who we all though was not expected to be seen until the Christmas special but she has now been cleverly introduced to the audience. She is just as feisty and flirtatious as Amy Pond and on top of that she is very likeable. Coleman gave a stunning performance as Oswin and she has the makings of a great companion. But how she will be introduced as the doctor companian at chistmas is yet to be seen. Will the Doctor encounter her earlier in her timeline like River Song? Or is there yet another twist yet to come.

Anyway going back to the episode,

At the start we find the Doctor, along with a strangely estranged pair of Ponds, “summoned” to the dalek fleet orbiting the planet “Asylum of Daleks”, But not to kill them, instead they are asking for doctor’s help to sort out problems on the Dalek asylum, where the most hate-filled Daleks are kept. They must locate and deactivate the planet’s force field so it can be destroyed by the daleks.

We’re then introduced to a pretty brunette genius named Oswin (Jenna-Louise Coleman) who crashed on the planet a year ago. She spends her downtime baking soufflés, hacking into the Daleks’ systems and blasting Bizet’s Carmen. The Doctor ponders where she gets the milk for her soufflés as he and the Ponds are teleported down to the asylum

However, after being teleported down to the asylum the Doctor and Amy are separated from Rory, giving them time to catch up as they are attacked by Dalek zombies. Amy tells the Doctor that he can’t fix her marriage like he fixes his bowtie.

They escape, but Amy loses her wristband that keeps her from being turned into a Dalek zombie herself. She begins losing her memory as they search for Rory. In the meantime Rory encounters some unreconstructed Daleks, who are about to  “Exterminate” him before he is saved by the “Souffle Girl”. The cheeky Oswin flirts with both the Doctor and the newly single Rory over the intercom as she helps them find each other. The Doctor makes one of the Daleks self-destruct, blowing up the others. He goes to find Oswin, leaving the former Mr. and Mrs. Pond to talk.

Rory tells Amy she should take his anti-zombie armband because the Dalek conversion works by eliminating love and it’s obvious he loves Amy more than she loves him. He reminds her that he waited 2000 years to be with her (swoon). She becomes angry and says she loves him more and that’s why she let him go. Amy can no longer have children, and thinks Rory deserves a chance to have them.

As they work things out, Rory realizes Amy is actually wearing a wristband – the Doctor gave her his. As he walks past a security camera, the Doctor fixes his bowtie.

The Doctor enters intensive care, where the Daleks who hate him most are housed. They corner him, but Oswin is able to hack into the Daleks and delete all knowledge the Doctor.

He arrives at Oswin’s chamber and she begins to pack. As he walks in, his face falls. He asks Oswin again how she had milk for her soufflés. She pauses, confused, and the camera pans around to show not a pretty girl but a chained up Dalek.

Apparently, when Oswin crashed on the planet, she was converted to a Dalek, but she was clever enough to create an elaborate fantasy world. She fights her Dalek programming and lets the Doctor go.

The Doctor returns to find Amy and Rory kissing (yay!). Oswin takes down the planet’s shields and the Doctor teleports Team Tardis back to the Dalek spaceship. As the planet explodes, Oswin turns to the camera and promises she’ll see us again soon.

The Daleks are confused when the Doctor appears on their ship. “Doctor who? Doctor who?” they chant. He realizes Oswin not only erased memories of him from the Daleks in the room with him, but all Daleks everywhere.

He drops Amy and Rory off at their townhouse in London. After an awkward pause, Amy turns and walks into their home. Rory grins and follows her.

Overall I thought was an excellent start to the series and Matt Smith gives his normal brilliant performance. Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill too have developed their portrayals of Amy and Rory respectively and everyone is on form in the build-up to the Ponds’ departure. And Amy and Rory’s storyline where the couple haven’t lived happily ever after and are getting divorced is bueatifully played. Amy can’t have children due to what happened to her at Demon’s Run. It was an incredibly sad and touching moment when Amy tells Rory that she divorced him because she could not have children but wanted to give him the chance to do so.

And the introction of the new companian added an extra twist to the series. How the other episodes in this series will top this opening episode is yet to be seen. But I cant wait for more, doctor who, doctor who, doctor who :).

What did you think?

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