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Well the other night I watched a film called “The Thing”on DVD (Released on 26th March 2012 ) and I thought I would tell you what I thought about it.  Please don’t read if you have not seen the film, spoiler alert. This is a prequel (not a remake) to “the thing” from 1982. I am huge fan of the original and wondered if this would be any good.

Here is a trailer…..

It starts out in Antartica, 1982 where Three Norwegian scientists are in a snow cat are following a signal. They stop suddenly, and after a few moments, a crack in the snow/ice causes the snow cat to fall into a fissure in the ice and gets wedged. The lights from the snow cat are pointed down into the fissure and reveal a spaceship.

Sander, a Norwegian scientist, visits an American Paleontologist, named Kate, and tells her that they have discovered a structure and an organism and convinces her to come to Antartica.  Kate and her colleague, Adam, fly in a helicopter to the Norwegian camp in Antarctica piloted by Americans Carter and Jameson. They get to camp and meet the other Norwegians including Edvard who is in charge of the camp and Lars, a mechanic who is the only one that doesn’t speak any English and has an Alaskan Malamute.

Upon arrival, Kate and Adam and the Norwegians get into a snow cat and go to the site where we see a full view of the top of the ship in the ice. Some distance from the ship, they show Kate the strange-looking organism encased in ice. Back at camp they discuss the removal of the organism.

The organism is removed and is in a wooden room back at the camp still encased in the ice block. All hell breaks loose when the ice thaws and a creature is released. The creature is shape-shifting “thing” with the ability to turn itself into a perfect replica of any living being.

Examining a tissue sample, Adam and Kate discover that the creature’s cells absorb and replicate the cells of other beings. Kate, after finding a bloody trail in a bathroom, takes this to mean that one of the people there is in fact be the alien in disguise.

Her theory turns out to be correct when, one by one, members of both the American and Norwegian parties fall prey to the beast. Who’s who is anyone’s guess, since, to quote the classic tagline from the Carpenter film, man is the warmest place to hide.

Kate must join the crew’s pilot, Carter (Joel Edgerton), to keep it from killing them off one at a time. Paranoia soon spreads like an epidemic as they’re infected, one by one, and a thrilling race for survival begins.

The film ends with a helicopter landing at the camp.  The Norwegian helicopter pilot yells out if anyone is around, and a gun shoots at him. It’s Lars, the only one left behind and not infected. Then the Alaskan Malamute jumps out, and Lars tries to shoot the dog. The dog runs off. Lars yells at the helicopter pilot that it’s no dog and to get into the helicopter.

Lars and the other Norwegian pilot chase and shoot at the dog from the helicopter, and it’s the same opening scene from the 1982 version of The Thing. I really liked this link to the original and was very happy that they did this.

Overall I though it was a pretty good film with good effects.  It was tense, fast-paced and full of grisly monster mayhem but on the downside it was very similar to the original.

But still worth a watch in my opinion. What do you think?

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