Comics, comics and yet more comics….. My first visit to the Golden Orbit Sci-Fi Comic Trade Fair

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Misc
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On saturday 12th November 2011 I visited the Golden Orbit science fiction comic and card trade fair in Manchester.  It was my first time going to such an event and so I did not know what to expect.  Normally I buy comics from Ebay or car boot sales.

Before going I was pretty nervous as I thought I wasnt going to enjoy it.  I had the preconception of a room full of anoraks/nerds (like comic book guy from the simpsons) skulking around the room but was pleasantly surprised. Instead there were all kinds of “normal” people (both adults and children) buying and selling comics and other collectables.   You even had children involved helping their mum or dad selling comics.  There were a lot of dealers. In fact I was told that dealers attend from all across the UK and sometimes abroad, selling thousands of science fiction, film and comic related collectables both old and new.  There were comics, trading  cards, toys, tv/film magazines, posters, books, graphic novels, games  and all kinds of sci-fi/fantasy collectables.

But mainly there were comics, and believe there were a lot of comics.  Everywhere I looked, more comics.  But there were a hell of a lot people buying them as well.  Like a pack wolves they looked through the hundreds of comics available (some checking there lists to see which comics they needed to complete their collection). I had a good look through myself and I bought 2 comics.  I had a very enjoyable time there.  The only downside is paying £2 to get in.  But this event has made me realise that I am in pretty healthy niche market and given me the incentive to go to more trade fairs. And also it has taught me a valuable lesson and that’s be carefull of preconceptions you may have about new things as you may miss out on opportunities if you rely on preconceptions which put you off.

So, have you been to any comic fairs, what are your experiences?

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