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Posted: October 7, 2011 in Gossip/News/Reviews - Film
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Hi Horror fans,

With Halloween just around the corner it got to me to thinking, what is my favourite horror movie?

I love horror movies, I love to be scared and to be terrified. In my opinion scary movies are never going to grow old, because people, like me, are always wanting to be scared. I think we need that rush of fear. And the scarier the movies is , the more we love it.

I have been a fan of horror movies since I was young boy. I remember watching horror films when I was about 10 or so with my dad.  There use to be a horror night on BBC2 I think, every friday or saturday night (can’t remember which now). And I watched all the hammer movies and classic old horror movies, Dracula, Frankenstein, ect in black and white.. And that’s what got me hooked.

But I think the 1st real scary movie that scared the living daylights out of me was probably Alien or poltergeist. I remember watching these on VHS video, back when video recorders were the size of the living rooms and before the invention of DVD’s and the interweb :).

Nowadays you might not think it was that scary but back then, for a child of my age, it was very scary.

In alien the scene I most remember (that made me jump out of my skin) was the alien coming out of the stomach scene….. Here it is below if you havent seen it…But be warned it is bloody so don’t click on it if you are scared easily.

Around the same time I also watched another scary film and that was poltergeist.  I thought both of these were extremely scary.

There have been many many horror films so it really hard to list my top ones but here goes, here is my personal top 15 scariest films….

15. The Quartermass experiment (1955, Directed by Val Guest)

14. Dawn of the Dead (1978, Written and Directed by George A. Romero)

13 Silence of the lambs

12 The Omen (1976, Directed by Richard Donner

11. The Exorcist (1973, Directed by William Friedkin

10. Friday the 13th (1980, Directed by Sean S. Cunningham)

9. Final Destination (2000, Directed by James Wong)

8. Psycho (1960, Directed by Alfred Hitchcock)

7. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984, Directed by Wes Craven)

6. Jaws (1975, Directed by Steven Spielberg)

5. SAW (2004, Written and Directed by James Wan)

4. Halloween (1978, Directed by John Carpenter)

3.Poltergeist  (1982, Directed by Tobe Hooper)

2.The Thing (1982, Directed by John Carpenter)

And…my favourite horror Movie of All Time (in my opinion):

1 Alien (1979, Directed by Ridley Scott)

You may/may not agree with me and I’m sure I have missed many others. I have picked Alien as Number 1 as it, I mentioned before, it was the one of the 1st horror films I watched which scared the hell out of me at the time.

What do you think? What are your favourite/scariest horror movies?

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  1. Love Aliens – I organised a charity back to back screening of the first 3 (when there was only 3 films). Strange thing was Alien looked dated when put up against the others, but if watched on its own it ages well.

    Just discovered two low budget British films worth a mention. Zombie Diaries 1 & 2. The first one has a real home made vibe but they had their eye in for the second one. Its a series of video diaries during a zombie outbreak. Most of the action is off screen because of budget reasons but is all the better for it.

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