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Sorry its a bit late but I have been away from the computer. Anyway, here is my review of episode 12 of doctor who series 6 (“Closing Time”). Please don’t read if you have not seen this episode yet….Spoiler alert.

With days left to live the lonely doctor drops in on an old friend, Craig (played by the very funny James Corden) from “The Lodger”, for a visit and gets more than her bargains for.  Firstly, and very amusingly, he discovers Craig has a baby.  It was very funny watching the doctor having a conversation with the baby.  With the baby informing him that he likes to be called, Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All.

Then secondly he encounters a small collection of Cybermen, brought back to life by the laying of power lines. They were trying to gather together enough further power and recruits to rebuild themselves. In addition we are also introduced to the Cybermen’s little pet known as the Cyber-mats.  These cute, but deadly pets, have not been seen for a while and made a nice little extra addition to proceedings.

The majority of this episode sees Clive struggling with fatherhood and determined to help The Doctor defeat the menace, whatever he thinks it may be. And as you expect, they succeed in eliminating the threat of the Cybermen.

In between we are treated to a brief glimpse of Rory and Amy, with Amy now a successful model and Rory looking about the same as ever. The Doctor’s obvious desire to talk to them, but decision not to, was particularly sad.

And the ending of the episode lays the foundations for next weeks exciting finale.

I quiet liked this episode.  I thought it was a nice little filler in preparation for next weeks finale.  It was funny, emotional and had the usual flickering lights, disappearing people, scares and thrills, as you would expect in a Doctor Who episode. I know James Corden is not every ones cup of tea but I think he is great and excelled in this episode.  Matt Smith was fantastic as usual and his portrayal of an old man, who has grown weary and is ready to stop running, was particularly good.

I do have one minor gripe, which I have also seen picked up in several comments that I have read, and that’s the doctors age when he dies.  In the “impossible astronaut” the doctor was meant to be 200 years older when he died, but he hasnt been flying around for 200 years since he dropped off Rory and Amy, or has he???

What did you think?

Here is a quick look at next week’s finale.

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