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Here is my review of episode 11 of doctor who series 6 (“The God Complex”). Please don’t read if you have not seen this episode yet….Spoiler alert.

This episode sees the Doctor, Amy and Rory land in the middle of a 1980s hotel. At least, they think it’s a 1980s hotel, but there’s quite a lot more to it than that.

They encounter other people trapped in there, two humans and an alien.  First there is Gibbis, a submissive mole-like alien played by comedian/swimmer David Walliams.  Then there is Howie, an internet conspirator who likes to blog but is scared of girls. And finally there is Rita who catches the eye of The Doctor with her wit.  After Rita and the doctor share a short conversation the doctor turns to Amy and says “Amy, with regret You’re fired” and back to Rita with, “I like you. You’re a right clever clogs!”. Very amusing, I didn’t realise the doctor watches the apprentice :).

Anyway, the hotel is like an endless maze.  With endless corridors and bedrooms.  There is a room for every visitor that contains their deepest, darkest fears.  Each room contains a different nightmare and some of these nightmares are the personal nightmares of the Doctor, Amy and Rory. Others are the nightmares that belong to people who have been in the maze before and clearly died there. We see a clown, the weeping angels and a gorilla amongst many others.

The most intriguing question I wondered about is what the Doctor would be afraid of? He does find his room in the course of the episode and he simply says ”of course, who else” and we hear the cloister bells but see nothing, what a let down :(.

They discover that the hotel is in fact a space prison ship floating through space that is holding an ancient creature (looking like a minotaur) which is feeding off people’s Faiths.  The space prison ship travels through space picking up people as food for the prisoner.

Anyway, as expected, nearly every body is killed off and the doctor has a particularly unique way of resolving the situation. Amy is about to be eaten by the minotaur monster when the doctor realises that to defeat the monster, he has to break Amy’s faith in him.  When Amy does lose her faith in the doctor the monster dies and the hotel disappears to reveal the ships control room.

The doctor realises that he is putting Amy and Rory’s life at risk and that he has to do the decent thing and step down from the pedestal upon which Amy had placed him to allow her and Rory to have a normal marriage. The episode ended with the doctor effectively abandoning Amy and Rory, for their own sakes, back on earth by a picturesque townhouse complete with Rory’s dream car . It was a very moving parting scene.

What did I think, well it was superb, great, fantastic……In fact I really loved this episode. I found it funny, creepy, scary and very atmospheric. The hotel reminded me of The shining. There are the usual long corridors associated with a good scary story. The Minotaur was particularly menacing and the ventriloquist dummies were particularly scary. Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill were in excellent form again with some pretty good lines like the doctors “I’m not a hero. I really am just a mad man with a box…” speech and Rory’s “Not all victories are about saving the universe” line. Overall I thought it was thoroughly entertaining and the ending was quiet sad as the doctor leaves Amy and Rory to go off in the Tardis on his own again.

But hey that’s just my opinion. What did you think?

Next week’s episode looks good with a return of James Corden. Here is a sneak peek.

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