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Please don’t read if you have not seen episode 9 of the new series of Torchwood: Miracle day yet….Spoiler alert.

This penultimate episode starts with the words ‘Two Months Later’. mmmm I wonder where we have seen something like that before? (Doctor Who’s Series 3 finale ‘The Last of the Time Lords’ ).  Anyway Gwen has become a dark lonely figure stealing drugs from chemists and caring for her ‘Category One’ father in a dark dank basement so that the authorities can’t get to him.

Borders are closing all around and the entire health care system is in shambles. The government, worldwide, has taken a much more aggressive role in collecting the Category 1s and the countries have all gone paranoid bat-poop crazy. So much so that when Gwen does a smash and grab for prescriptions to help out her friends and neighbors, an old man states how worried he is to let anyone know
his wife suffers from arthritis lest the local police drag her away to the ovens.

Jack is also being cared for, but by Esther in a remote Scottish location as he recovers from being shot in the previous episode.

Rex and his chums at the CIA  are trying desperately to get information but are being blocked at every turn because they have a Family spy in their midst, Charlotte.

And Sexy Jilly Kitzinger has found herself promoted, moving to Shanghai (in the process to meet another mystery man who tells her about Three Families who once took over politics, finance, and media. There’s a story about to come, and they want her to write history. He says he hopes she survives because the blessing kills some people. He then asks her to wait in a hotel room for further instructions.

If you remember from last week, Kitzinger had a ‘spat’ with Oswald Danes and we find the kiddy-killer popping up in the most unusual of locations. He poses as a delivery man and enters Gwen’s ‘safe’ house. He wants to see Jack, and he says she’ll do as he asks because he has the name of the man who created the miracle.

Gwen then calls the man who’s been watching her (by the way who is this useless guy watching Gwen working for? It can’t be the three families as I would have thought they’d hire someone much more competent) and tells him Jack won’t be showing up there.   That’s when Jack appears behind him and makes him drink retcon-laced water. Jack and Esther enter Gwen’s house and go to talk to Oswald, who reminds Jack that he asked him for help. He knows Gwen’s hiding something in the cellar (her dad) and therefore won’t be so fast to call the police. He tells them about PhiCorp and Jilly and says he has her laptop. He’s been following her, but as of yesterday, she doesn’t exist. And that’s because she’s in Shanghai under a new identity.

Oswald tells him one name kept recurring: Harry Bosco. Esther tells them that’s a process that involves mistranslating to influence the public.   On further investigation Esther finds video clips online originating in Shanghai,which have been mistranslated.  The word “blessing” keeps popping up; however, the real translation is “The Blessing saved my life”.  Esther finds another connection to blood. There’s information about blood banks being burned down in both Shanghai and Buenos Aires.

So they need to get to Buenos Aires and Shanghai, but they’re going to have problems getting into China as all borders have been closed.

Rhys seems to have found something and was just about to reveal it when the police suddenly burst in. They have a thermal imaging app to check the cellar. The police then find Geraint (Gwen’s dad), but Gwen says he’s not dead and begins begging. It’s in vain, as they take him away. This was a particularly sad scene.

After the police have left Jack reveals he may have a way in to Shanghai via a route for arms dealing. Rhys shows them on a globe that Shanghai and Buenos Aires are opposite sides of the world, balanced on either side of the planet. The PhiCorp logo shows a line through the world. They need to go to both, and they don’t have a choice but to take Oswald with them.

So Rex tells Shapiro he’s going off-grid and he’ll contact him if he needs back up. And while Jack, Gwen, and Oswald have a way into Shanghai, Esther meets up with Rex in Buenos Aires. Back in CIA HQ, Charlotte sees that Rex is in Buenos Aires and takes out her phone with that triangle on the screen (presumably to warn the families that Rex is on their trail).

Meanwhile Jilly meets a woman, who is going to show her the blessing.  She brings her down in an elevator and tells her that some people  have looked into the blessing and taken their own lives from the damage it does.  Jilly looks at the blessing and stands in awe. It is revealed that blessing goes all the way to the other side of the world.

A the end of the episode Gwen notices that Jack’s wound is not healed and helps him lie down. He says it got worse when they arrived. He complains that his mortal life hurts. Oswald then notices a drop of his blood moving across the floor, and Gwen realizes it could be showing them the way to the blessing, which is somehow calling him.

Anyway, I thought this episode was actually pretty good. It could have been better, but then again it could have been worse. But it has started to pick up pace again and we are finally getting lots of answers to the many questions we have been getting.  In fact, quiet a lot takes place in this episode and I liked it.  I just hope next weeks finale is the climax that Torchwood deserves. What did you think?

Here is a look at next weeks final episode.

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