Doctor Who Series 6 (2011):- My review of episode 9 “Night Terrors”

Posted: September 3, 2011 in Gossip/News/Reviews - TV

Here is my review of episode 9 of doctor who series 6 (“Night Terrors”). Please don’t read if you have not seen this episode yet….Spoiler alert.

Another cracking episode……………

The doctor receives a distress call from a young child called George, who every night lies awake, terrorised by every fear you can possibly imagine, fears that live in his bedroom cupboard. His desperate pleas for help fortunately break through the barriers of all time and space and are received by the Doctor. The distress call is traced to a block of flats in the east end london.  After arriving the doctor, Amy and Rory spilt up and search for the scared child.

The doctor discovers Georges location and meets his father (played by Daniel Mays from “Ashes to Ashes”) who is struggling to cope with George’s fears.  After talking to George and having a cup of tea the doctor traces the evil to the cupboard.

In the meantime Amy and Rory end up in a lift and get transported to another place (which is in fact the doll’s house inside the cupboard).  It’s here that George sends all his fears and where we encounter the scary vacant, dead-eyed faces of the peg dolls, whose childlike manner only made them even more nightmarish.

Anyway after being sucked into the cupboard as well the doctor (and George’s father) discovers that the child is in fact an alien creature abandoned by its parents to fend for itself who attached itself to a human family, The child then panics under the false impression that it is going to be abandoned and so it creates all the monsters and a place to send all the monsters and his fears (the doll house).  And only after George realises that he his loved do the monsters disappear.  I really loved the line near the end when the father hugs George and says “whatever you are, whatever you do, you are my son.”  It bought a tear to me, as I have a young son myself.

Anyway, at the end of the episode we are bought back to this series’s theme and are reminded that the doctor is going to meet his demise one day.
I thought this was another fantastic episode.  It was like an old fashion ghost story. It was Scary and creepy without the need for special effects or blood and gore. It reminded me of classic scary doctor who in the 1970’s.  It also reminded me of another science fiction thriller I watched at that time and that’s something called “Sapphire and steel”.  I don’t know if any of you out there remember that, but it starred David McCallum and Joanna Lumley and was about a secret organisation engaged in guarding the order of time and space (similar to doctor who I guess :)).  Anyway, I digress, sorry about that.  Where was I, Oh yes, This episode was great fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  There were some plot holes but I wont discuss them as I enjoyed it too much.

I can’t wait for next weeks episode.

Here is a sneak peak.

What did you think?

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  1. noelypb says:

    Nice change of style and pace from previous episodes. Some great lines, top performance by Matt Smith too. Enjoyed this one more than I expected too.

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