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Please don’t read if you have not seen episode 8 of the new series of Torchwood: Miracle day yet….Spoiler alert.

At the start of this episode Angelo’s granddaughter (played by Nana Visitor, from star trek deep space nine) takes the torchwood team to meet  Angelo, who is now a very old man indeed.  It is revealed who The Families are and that they have a hand in the Miracle. We are told about the Blessing and that the families wanted Captain Jack so they can get the secret of his immortality. It is also revealed that Angelo has loved and watched Jack his whole life (in the mean time going off and having a family). But, more importantly, he’s also kept himself alive naturally.

However, the moments of revelation are interrupted by the intervention of the CIA with the return of Friedkin who has tracked our gang down. To further complicate matters, the head of the CIA, Shapiro is also on his way only to find the Friedkin’s seedy connections. Shapiro is played by John De Lancie (Q from Star trek – The next generation) and his contribution is a very pleasing one.  In fact Shapiro stole the show in my opinion as he shows he is a very hard man to deel with, it looks as though Jack has met his match here.  Anyway, Friedkin is discovered to be a traitor (thanks to Rex) but before he his taken to headquarters for questioning he blows up the car with himself and Angelo’s granddaughter inside, thus killing every body in the car.

But during the course of the episode there is a shock as Angelo dies on the bed, the only person on earth to die.  Unfortunately Shapiro orders Gwen to be deported so that Jack will reveal what has caused Angelo’s death.  Jack and the rest of the team discover that an alien technology is being used to dampen the morphic field causing the miracle which is why Angelo died.  This morphic field allowed Angelo to remain alive for so long, and as soon as Jack entered the zone, Angelo’s mortality got triggered (I think, I am no expert!).  However, Jack doesn’t want this alien technology to get into government hands and so attempts to take the control panel.  But during his escape Jack is shot.  At the end of the episode Esther drives away with an injured Jack in the back seat.

At the same time there are some disturbing scenes with Oswald Danes and Jilly Kitzinger. The paedophile has requested that his PR guru procure him a prostitute (of legal age), which leads to some deeply unsettling moments with a lady of the night. It is revealed that a new Category Zero is going to be put in place which means that any other people like Oswald or other moral undesirables are going to be incinerated just as Category Ones.  After attacking Jilly, Oswald runs off into the night.

Jilly is approached by a representative of the three families and promoted and is then requested to meet the three families. I wonder what they want with her?

The ending of the episode was incredibly dark and sombre as we are left with Captain Jack and the Torchwood team demoralised, alone and well and truly beaten.

Anyway, this episode was alright.  As I have said before its not as good as the old Torchwood, but if we forget its Torchwood for a minute then its ok. However, it was not as good as last weeks fast paced entertaining episode but we do get some answers. And with only 2 episodes left its looking as though its buidling up to a big climax, hopefully. What did you think?

Here is a look at next weeks episode.

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