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Please don’t read if you have not seen episode 8 of the new series of Doctor Who yet….Spoiler alert.

Here is my review of episode 8 of the new doctor who series (“Lets Kill Hitler”).  Sorry its a bit late but I have been away from the computer all weekend.

WOW, OH MY GOD, WHAT A RETURN………….. That was fantastic and made a lovely change to the dreadful Torchwood we have been experiencing recently.

Well what was episode 8 all about.  The drama starts in a corn field where The Tardis lands and the doctor is greeted by Amy and Rory accompanied by their childhood friend Mels (who is introduced in a series of flash backs).  Mels pulls a gun and forces every body in the Tardis. Where are we going remarks the doctor.  Mels reply was “I don’t know, lets kill hitler”.  What a line!

The next minute a shot is fired and the Tardis crash lands through the window of, wait for it, Adolph Hitlers office in Berlin 1938, interrupting an attempted execution by a Tesselact, disguised as German officer. The tesselact is in fact a small space ship carrying orders from the time travelling War Crimes Tribunal.

After all the introductions Hitler then tries to shoot the Tesselact, however Rory disarms him and dispatches him in the cupboard, pure class! And that’s the last we see of him. And so this episode is not about Hitler at all, but something else.

Anyway, in the confusion, Mels is mortally wounded in the gun battle.  But she is not who she appears to be and instead of dying regenerates and we find out that Mels is actually Melody Pond.  And guess what she wants to kill the doctor. After several attempts (gun, knife, ect…) she succeeds in poisoning the doctor.  And having only 32 minutes to live disappears into Tardis. But can any body tell me why the Doctor’s regenerations were “disabled”?

In the ensuing adventure.  Rory and Amy have fun inside the Tesselact where they battle against giant antibodies.  Melody is liberated and River Song is born. And the doctor finds out he will be murdered, if he doesn’t die here, by a lake in Utah, USA.  One of the workers inside the Tesselact mentions that The Doctor’s death in Utah is one of those fixed points in time and cannot be changed.

At the end the dieing doctor whispers something into Melodies ear, who has begun to see the error of her ways, and we get an answer to a puzzle that’s been bothering me for sometime and that’s why River Song didn’t regenerate in the library in the episodes “Silence in the Library”/“Forest of the Dead”.  Well, it’s because she gave up all her regeneration cycles to save the doctor.  It was a splendid moment of Television. Anyway, suffice to say the doctor lives.

And so now we find out why River song becomes an archeologist, and that’s to find the doctor. And we finally also see where she was given the blue book full of spoilers that we first saw in her hands all those years ago.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It was awesome. It had a mixture of fun, comedy, sadness and action.  The moment where the doctor is asking for a hologram of somebody to help him was particularly nice as we got a montage of past companions.  I just hope this keeps up.  I can’t wait for next weeks episode.

Here is a sneak peak.

What did you think?

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