Torchwood: Miracle Day:- Episode 7, My Review.

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Please don’t read if you have not seen episode 7 of the new series of Torchwood: Miracle day yet….Spoiler alert.

The episode starts with pick up pretty much where last week left off, as Gwen has to decide what to do. Her predicament is that her family has been taken, and that she needs to deliver Jack in order to get them back. She’s ordered to keep the lenses in, so she’s constantly been watched, and this inevitably puts her under all kinds of pressure. So Gwen kidnaps Jack and is takes him to whoever has kidnapped her family.  We are left with Gwen and Jack in the car as she drives him to their destination.  There is some good dialogue here and we have a great moment where Gwen tells Jack in no uncertain terms that, if killing him meant saving her family, she would pull the trigger herself and not think twice. Jack retorts, however, by telling Gwen that he will adamantly and jealously defend his life.  But I am not sure Jack would ever take up arms against Gwen to defend himself with her family’s lives in the balance.  Anyway when the situation is resolved (which, of course, it is), the two hug and make up and no harm is done.

In between we are taken back to (via flashback) to Jack’s time in America in 1927. Coming through Ellis Island, he meets a man by the name of Angelo Colasanto. The two of them become close friends (and much much more, I guess my wife will be pleased though seeing so much more of jack :)).  Anyway soon Jack is taking him along on his Torchwood mission. And guess what there is an alien involved, finally! HOORAY!

Jack is running booze during the Prohibition in New York City in order to get to the mobster who has a cryo-frozen alien he doesn’t realize he has and it must be destroyed. But Everything falls apart, however, when Jack is killed during the mission and he comes back to life.

Angelo, who has spent time in prison thinking Jack is dead, is shocked to see him alive on his release. He is so shaken by this revelation, he kills Jack again, believing him to be the devil. This leads to a particularly brutal sequence of killing jack over and over again.  It starts with the landlady seeing the death and resurrection, and it suddenly expands into a crazed group of religious fanatics who drag Jack down into a basement and kill him repeatedly. It is unclear as to whether they revere him or fear him, but the one thing they seem intent on doing is brutally killing Jack every time he comes back to life. Some fanatics are even bottling Jack’s blood, believing it to be the key to immortality.

During a brief respite from the constant murder parade, Jack is confronted by three men (got to be aliens) who seem to be coldly negotiating over ownership of him. The three men agree to a joint ownership and seal it with a clasping of arms that forms…a triangle! Is this the green triangle gang? When it was revealed last week that whatever conspiracy led to the Miracle was very long and subtle in the making, we now see that it probably goes as far back as the 1920s.
During this murder spree, we hear a few people refer to Jack as a “blessing.” So now we know what the mysterious Blessing from last week is all about. Eventually, Angelo sees the error of his ways and breaks Jack out. Jack leaves Angelo by killing himself one last time, and he never sees him again.
Anyway, thanks to Rex and Esther, everything’s sorted out in the blink of an Eye-5 ( :)).  Thankfully, Rex and Esther had so little to do in this episode (hooray) outside of showing up at the last minute and thus saving the day. Gwen’s family are freed and – finally – we get what looks like some sort of explanation. Is it Angelo who is behind the Miracle?  “He’s been waiting for such a very long time,” we are told by a anonymous women at the end.  Really! I cant quite believe it to be honest???

And again there is no sign of Oswald Danes….

So what did I think…. Fantastic, Finally, Hooray!!!

This has to be my favourite episode so far and that’s because it’s the old Torchwood team that are doing most of the work in this episode here and it makes fantastic viewing.  It’s not the americanized generic rubbish that we have been getting so far.  This could quiet easily been a one-off episode in the old Torchwood series.  It’s a shame that we have had to wait nearly 7 weeks for something like this to happen.

But I have to say what got me smiling the most in this episode is when the Doctor was mentioned.  And that Jack also mentioned he is fixed point in time in space.  I was beginning to think this Americanized Torchwood wouldn’t go anywhere near the Doctor, but it was very nice to hear.  It shows the long-term impact traveling with the Doctor has on his companions. It shows how important the doctor was in his life. And it’s also interesting to see that Jack was actually jealous of the Doctor, that he has companions to share his life with. I don’t think the Doctor will be mentioned again though :(.

The mob killing Jack over and over again was my favourite scene. It was a trully gory and horrific scene, and a uniquely Torchwood.  I dont think we would see this on any other show, and that’s something else we haven’t gotten much of in Miracle day so far.

But there are a couple of minor gripes.

1)  I really can’t see Gwen turning over Jack to anyone so easily, even with her family at stake. And then they’re friends again right after that, as if nothing has happened.

2) And I’m a bit confused with the timelines. I’m Sure Jack hadn’t yet acquired his WWII coat in 1927. I thought that was something he wouldn’t get till when he first met the Doctor and Rose during the Blitz, before he was immortal.  I thought he picked it up when he transprted back in time (when he was first made immortal) and lived through WWII on Earth, which he hasn’t yet done yet in 1927.  And on his second pass through the 20th century, he was in cryosleep at the Torchwood Institute so he wouldn’t cross his own timeline. So this can’t be that Jack. Is this another Jack in a different timeline?  Confused? I am :).

Apart from that I thought it was very good and I just hope that the foot isn’t taken off the peddle and that this is a sign of great things to come.  What did you think?

Here is a look at next weeks episode.

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  1. noelypb says:

    I’d been looking forward to this ep after last week’s. In the end, practically, I watched it in two halves.  Must say I found the first half rather slow and labouring.  I agree that it was more like old Torchwood with focus on the old team and flashbacks for Jack’s past. However yet again they seem to be pushing Jack to more gay than omnisexual which misses the point.  

    The second half was better.  Now there starts to be threads of plot reveals. Whether it’s aliens or somehow Angelo there’s clearly a Jack connection.  I didn’t expect the new Torchwood members to come to the rescue, cleverly written out of the episode to bring them back in. Nice twist.

    The reference to the Doctor I was expecting (and yes there is another to come, apparently) but when it came it was pretty pointless for me. I was expecting something like Jack complaining that the wrist computer was broken (as the Doctor sonic-ed it) rather than “oh the Doctor always has a companion”.

    The Jack and Gwen hug (it’s ok I didn’t mean it) was a bit of a dud thing after all they said.

    Overall though , not bad for me, starting to build to an end.

    Can’t help you with the coat. Another review I read (Doctor Who News page) picked up on the same point.  Can’t say I noticed but I wasn’t an avid fan of Torchwood so Jack’s timeline isn’t fully clear to me. This month’s Doctor Who Magazine has an explanation of his timeline.  

    Anyway, let see what happens in next week’s episode of DS9 with Q and the Bajoran (forgot her name).

  2. simone says:

    Wow this is the best one so far! I hope it is just as good next week.
    It’s a shame the doctor wasn’t talked about more and a bigger alien would have been good but at lest I sore jack naked mmmmmmmm that made my night lol good job ( for my husband anyway) he is gay lol

  3. Angela says:

    Pretty insightful. Thanks!

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