Torchwood: Miracle Day:- Episode 5, My Review.

Posted: August 12, 2011 in Gossip/News/Reviews - TV
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Please don’t read if you have not seen episode 5 of the new series of Torchwood: Miracle day yet….Spoiler alert.

At last, some (but not a lot) answers are finally revealed in the course of this episode.

At the star of this episode Vera arrives for the latest medical panel in Washington D.C. only to find out that the panels have now been canceled.  Did she not read the email? 🙂 In addition it is found out that a new category system has been put into place that ranks people according to injury. The three different Categories for which people fall into are:-

Category 1. Nearly dead

Category 2. Alive but sick and not getting any better

Category 3 all the way alive

The system will go into effect at midnight worldwide.  Outraged by the idea Vera flies out to California to join the Torchwood team.

Then we shift to the U.K., where Gwen has finally gone back to Wales (hooray!), to not only reunite with her husband and child, but to get her father out of the overflow camps that seemed too sprung up overnight. And as we have suspected all along, Miracle Day is no Miracle but instead something someone or something has instituted. But for what purpose? What Gwen finds out in Wales, as she and Rhys infiltrates the overflow camp is that when attempting to take her father away, he starts to weaken and seems to be dying in her arms which in turn puts him into a Category 1.

Back in the USA, Rex along with Ester and Dr, Juarez infiltrate the overflow camps in Los Angeles and Rex finds out where all the Category 1’s are being housed. Dr. Juarez is on a guided tour of the facility and finds that the man running it is not doing his job correctly. She confronts him. Why oh why did she have to do this, big mistake! And before she realises, the man shoots her twice, and then takes her to the module, where the Category 1’s are being housed, and locks her in. Rex, finds her trapped inside. And at that moment they both find out what the modules are for as the man who shot Dr. Juarez fires it up and poor Dr. Juarez is burnt alive.

Maybe the modules/furnaces are using humans as some sort of fuel for something bigger, I don’t know. But the big question here is what is going to happen to the Category 2’s and 3’s still left?  Are they probably there for food or enslavement? Either way it doesn’t look good.

Then there is Oswald Danes who gets everyone in a frenzy at a “Miracle Rally”.  Although Jack tries to reason with Danes, it falls on death ears, as Danes does exactly what PhiCorp wants, and that is to get people accepting of the Miracle.

And last but not least and a stranger confronts/chats to Jilly and says she is doing a good job. Everything about him, in my opinion, screamed alien in a human suit. And he played right into what makes Jilly tick. And it looks as though Jilly is just a puppet (like Oswald).

So what did I think of this one?

Well, we get some answers, some action and another gruesome climax where one of the main stars is killed off.  Which shows us no body is safe. But we are yet to find out who the hell are PhiCorp and the triangle? Maybe next week!

This episode was ok as at least some of it was set in the uk (Wales) but it’s still not anything like the old Torchwood. The series is getting darker and scary but it seems more like an action conspiracy thriller more than anything else, which is a shame as it’s not Torchwood any more.   And I have to say that the big problem I have with this series is the lack of aliens.  Although we don’t know for definite yet I think there is definitely an influence of some sort of alien involvement. But why is there is no sign of them yet, I mean we are half way through the series and I would have thought we would have seen some sort Alien by now, would’nt you think?  Where are they?

And if there isn’t alien involvement I think it would be a huge let down and very disappointing.

What do you think? Do you agree?

Here is a quick look at the next weeks episode:-

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  1. noelypb says:

    Heh! Yes I totally agree. (am sure am supposed to disagree and start a riot or something). I was bad and spoilered myself for this cos twitter reviews last Friday were positive (after US viewing) and I was curious. After watching it, it played well though I still think the underlying premise plus the human burnings is a bit …sick. I do sci-fi not horror and want to see aliens. That said, the guy whom spoke to Jilly- if he ain’t an alien then my apologies to the actor cos he sure as heck looked fake-plastic-mask to me! The welsh stuff was best for me. Most down to earth. Most old style too.

    Plus the bit with “so Torchwood is just a name now” well, seemingly, yes.

  2. lol please dont 🙂

    Yes I agree, the welsh stuff made it seam more like the old Torchwood again, but only for a couple of minutes though 😦

    I await for next weeks exciting episode…….

  3. jtibs says:

    I mostly agree with your review but I think we all have to remember that science fiction doesn’t neccessarily mean aliens. Yes Torchwood generally has and obviously operates in a universe where they exist but we shouldn’t be upset by the fact that they aren’t jumping out and attacking people. Miracle Day is trying to focus on the human aspect and our horrible reactions to the unexpected. That’s what COE was doing (though we saw the alien sooner). That said i really hope it’s aliens. I don’t think humans are smart enough to pull this off no matter what it is they took from Jack.

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