Torchwood: Miracle Day:- Episode 4, My Review.

Posted: August 5, 2011 in Gossip/News/Reviews - TV
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Please don’t read if you have not seen episode 4 of the new series of Torchwood: Miracle day yet….Spoiler alert.

Well at the start of this episode of Torchwood Esther makes a very silly/stupid decision and visits her sister, an excessively paranoid woman who wont let her children out of the house. Worried, Sarah contacts the authorities.  But, on the way out of the neighborhood, she is spotted by a mysterious man in black who then follows Esther. He later tells the Green Triangle gang (Who are they? I wonder) in a husky fashion, “The path to Torchwood is open and clear.”

Anyway,  Jack, Rex, Esther and Gwen end up on a beach in LA, where PhiCorp’s main headquarters just so happens to be located. So the Torchwood team makes plans to break in and learn what they can.  Esther is able to hack into the system, but the classified information is held inside a sealed harddrive that can’t be broken into indirectly.  The only option is for them to break into the building itself and replace the harddrive with a fake so the company believes its been destroyed.

In this episode Rex acts like a real arsehole and argues with everyone about everything.Rex comes across a wall of fliers bearing the slogan “Dead is  Dead,”which has become something of a phenomenon, apparently. There’s a  growing movement to quarantine the people who should have died, and the appearance of Ellis Hartley Monroe, who doesn’t spend enough time in this episode in my opinion.

In addition a detainment facility (referred to as Plague ship hospital) has been set up for those who should have died. And it appears they are being set up all over the world, probably by Phicorp.

And speaking of accommodation, the Torchwood team manage to get a house, mostly on virtue of  Jack’s charm with the real estate agent who seems quite smitten with him. “Do you make everyone around you  gay?” Rex asks incredulously. “That’s the plan,” Jack replies with that devilish grin. Displaying once more the unprofessional tendencies that  boil Rex’s blood, Gwen pops out to take a call with Rhys, and we see  that she is under the surveillance of the mysterious man in black.

Next, we see Oswald being pestered by his redheaded publicist, a woman whose  allegiance and intention is still foggy, maybe deliberately. But, then,  maybe not. He tells her that he’s done some research into Phicorp, and  hit nothing but dead ends, since apparently all it takes is a Google  search to unearth how shady they are.

Elsewhere, Rex visits his father  with the intention of stealing painkillers, which is a totally bizarre thing to do because I didn’t see the point of this scene at all.  It made no sense as nothing comes of it, and it’s never mentioned again.  Once he returns to the hideout, they begin to plan an Oceans 11/mission impossible type heist. Firstly Jack and Gwen ambush/meet Nicholas Frankun (the only man with access to a special part of Phicorp’s infrastructure that is accessed  by his voice, hand print and retinas) while he is walking with his wife and baby (that was lucky) to get a copy of  his voice, handprint and retinas. Then Jack and Gwen use what must be “impossible technology” to imitate these biological functions.

Back  at the plague ship hospital the doctor girl that’s inexplicably involved in every medical crisis everywhere in the world always, stresses  just how insane this is. The whole thing spirals into a pundit war,  with Hartley-Munroe, the spearhead of the “Dead is Dead” thing getting  outshone by Oswald Danes, who regains his media spotlight by uttering some hollow sentimental platitudes. Mrs. Hartley-Munroe sips on some drugged coffee at the end of the scene and falls unconscious.

Meanwhile Nicholas Frankun, the man that Jack and Gwen ambushed earlier, has his biology circumvented  in a much more grisly way by the mysterious man in black. His voice, his hand,  his eye. Ouch.

So finally Torchwood & friends put their heist into action. I must say at this point that Gwen looked pretty sexy in her business suite.  But the whole thing is interrupted when Gwen is assaulted by the mysterious man in black, who subsequently manages to  subdue Jack. He gives a long talk about life, death and something about his employers meeting Jack a long time ago . But before he can reveal his employers name Rex bursts into the room and fills the guy with bullet holes, one of them being in his throat so he can’t talk.

The episode concludes with Ellis Hartley Monroe awakening in the back of a car.  The people behind PhiCorp, the green Triangle gang now revealed to be The Family, have decided that she needs to be taken out of the picture.  It seems that with Oswald Danes as their pawn, she is not necessary.  The car is crushed in a compactor, leaving her un-dying like so many of those she decried, unable to die, and trapped inside a claustrophobic space. We are left at the of the episode with a glimpse inside the wreckage of the car and her eye blinking, pretty gruesome :).

So, what did I think of this one? Well its slightly better than the rest.  It’s not great, but it’s really not bad. We get some action and the climax is pretty good.  We even get some answers but it’s still slow/dull, in my opinion.  However, if the story speeds up and we get more action I may have to change my overall opinion of Miracle Day. So, Russel T Davies please speed the story up and give us the action Torchwood deserves.

But still no sign of aliens, yet!

What do you think? Do you agree?

Here is a quick look at the next weeks episode:-

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  1. noelypb says:

    Yep, agree, thought at the end “that wasn’t too bad”. Hint of a possibility that maybe in a few episodes time we could see some revelations. That little vague hint piqued the interest.

    Also Gwen as a character is just superb in such an American style show. Totally different. My new hope is that if someone’s pulping human DNA, it’s Davros or if someone’s looking for a new home (geography) it’s the resurrection of the Time Lords! Joke!
    Shameless plug for my blog: The problem with Torchwood Miracle Day – the missing scene

  2. simone says:

    Davros would be good in this but I dont think it will happen lol or even if the doctor turned up lol
    I’m afraid its taking me awhile to get into this torchwood. Its so very slow, I just hope we have some action soon that grabs me or I might not watch it any more 😦
    Which I don’t want to do.
    Please torchwood be better next week

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