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Please don’t read if you have not seen episode 3 of the new series of Torchwood: Miracle day yet….Spoiler alert.

Well at the start of the episode the Torchwood team are on the run from the CIA, FBI and Police; and go into hiding.

The Torchwood team then begin to investigate the causes of Miracle day and what is behind it and come across Phicorp, the large pharmaceutical company that Kitzinger works for.  On investigation of a warehouse owned by Phicorp they discover tons and tons of painkillers and other drugs, all made by Phicorp. Then they discover that there is more than they first thought as they discover an entire sub section full of them (“It’s bigger on the inside,” comments Jack).  Well, it appears that PhiCorp appeared to know that Miracle Day was coming, and had, thus, stocked up accordingly. Well, last week I hinted it might be something to do with drug companies and pain management.  Am I right or is there something else behind Phicorp. I really do hope it is some sort of alien interference :).

Every body tries to cope with the crisis as best as they can.  Even Captain Jack copes in his own way by getting drunk and with some good, hard sex with a stranger he meets in a bar, showing the new audience another side to him. As he has no real friends to unload his problems he has to seek solace with a stranger.

In addition Dr Juarez is continuing to try to sort out things on her end, giving us another view of what’s happening.  She attends another meeting where there’s talk of birth control being put into the water supplies of India and China, bringing up something I’d wondered about last week. We also learn that normal miscarriages aren’t happening, so babies that would normally die are born malformed with severe disabilities.  And then she attends a conference arranged by Phicorp where it is revealed that pain killers and other drugs can now be sold over the counter without the need for a prescription.

Meanwhile, Oswald Danes is continuing the chat show circuit and has a secret meeting with Phicorp followed by a confrontation with Jack, I wonder what that is all about.? And finally we see the beginning of a new cult forming, called the soulless, who march along holding candles and wearing masks.

So, what did I think? To be honest I really did not like this episode of Torchwood what so ever.  I really struggled with it and found it painfully slow.  There was very little action and the episode seemed to be concentrating on character/story development rather than anything else. Although there were some remnants of the old Torchwood, for example we got some hints as to some of Jack’s adventures through time and space and some mentions of what happened with Torchwood before, but that’s it, it just doesn’t feel like Torchwood.  I don’t feel satisfied at the moment and am eagerly waiting for something exciting to occur.  Maybe after all this story development things will start to happen and we will get back the old Torchwood, I hope :).

What do you think? Do you agree?

Here is a quick look at the next weeks episode:-

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