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Please don’t read if you have not seen episode 5 or 6 of the new series of Doctor Who yet….Spoiler alert.

Here is my review of episode 5 and 6 of the new doctor who series (“The rebel Flesh” and “The almost people”).

In episode 5 the Doctor, Amy and Rory find themselves back on Earth in the  twenty-second century, as a group of workers are working with acid in a  factory, which in turn, is set in an old monastery called St John’s. The  workers themselves, though, don’t directly deal with the acid, but they use copies of themselves called doppelgangers – gangers – to do the dirty and dangerous work for them.

But these gangers are more than just simple copies. They have pretty much the same feelings, memories and emotions of their human counterparts, and it takes a big solar storm for things to start going really very badly wrong. The droppelgangers decide that enough is enough and rebel in a big way.  The cliff hanger at the end of episode 5 revealing the doctor has a droppelganger was much unexpected.

Episode 6 continues where episode left off with the double act of Matt Smith and Matt Smith stealing the show as the two doctors shoot around the screen bouncing off each other like a machine gun. I thought the acting from Matt Smith was truly excellent. Rory (Arthur Darvill) was good too as the slightly bumbling, rather weedy but ultimately valiant hero that he is. My favourite line from him was ‘I’ll break out the big guns’ followed by his associated flex of the muscles. Suffice to say after a lot of sacrifices and action the day is saved.

And so to the very end of the episode, and the amazing cliff-hanger that had me stunned….

The Amy travelling with the Doctor and Rory is in fact a Ganger; SHOCK HORROR!! The real and very heavily pregnant Pond is lying on a faraway hospital bed under the watchful eye of the mysterious eye-patch lady. But why did the doctor dispense with the Ganger Pond so quickly when he had spent most of the episode trying to saving them all, just a little query.

I thought Episode 5 and 6 were absolutely excellent. Right from the start of “The rebel flesh”, this has felt like a traditional two part adventure.  There were a lot of old Who and horror movie conventions employed, with corridors being run down, doors being held shut, the impending filling of a room with something nasty and a healthy dose of sacrifice.  It was a dam good story, with an added subtext or two to it all to give things a little more depth.

However we are left with more questions….

  1. When was Amy replaced by a ganger?
  2. How has her pregnancy advanced so quickly?
  3. Who is the mysterious eye-patch lady?
  4. Does the Doctor know he is going to die?

But I have to say overall I really like these episodes and most importantly they lead nicely into next week’s mid season finale “A good man goes to war” where we may finally get some answers.

What did you think, do you agree with me?

To wet your appetite here is a sneak preview at the next episode..

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