Dr Who Series 6 (2011):- My review of episode 3 “Curse of the black spot”

Posted: May 10, 2011 in Gossip/News/Reviews - TV

Please don’t read if you have not seen episode 3 of the new series of Dr Who yet….Spoiler alert.

I have just watched episodes 3 of the new dr who series (curse of the black spot) and here is my quick review.  

In summary this episode of doctor who is set on the eerie, treacherous seas of the 17th Century, where a pirate ship is at the mercy of a beautiful spirit whose song seems to be death itself… its where Amy swashes, Rory buckles and the Doctor walks the plank.

Basically, the Doctor and co get stuck on board a pirate ship which was being menaced by a mysterious singing siren who appears whenever a sailor suffered so much as a paper cut. And when she appears, the injured pirate soon disappears.

However, it later turns out that the evil siren wasn’t an evil siren at all but actually an alien robot nurse thingy on board a crashed spaceship that was sharing the same space as the pirate ship. The crew were dead so she’d decided to look after anything and anyone, no matter how small the injury.  
In between we are treated to Amy in full-on swashbuckle mode and find a stowaway hiding below deck who turns out to be the captains son. And the theme of Amy’s ambiguous pregnancy and the Doctor’s impending future continues to bubble away as well. The woman with the metal eye patch makes a second appearance and looked at Amy through a hatch in an invisible door. Who is this woman and is Amy really where she thinks she is? The clues and the questions keep coming but as yet there is too little to be able to form any concrete theories. 

I do have a couple of problems with this episode though….

The Siren could only come out of a completely still reflection. Except the first time it came out of the sea it was choppy! And why did the siren not simply ask someone to ‘State the nature of the medical emergency”. A little star trek joke there!

The only person who was ever  held back from the siren was Rory – anyone else who was injured was just allowed to walk off.

And when we are taken to the sickbay thingy the advanced alien doctor/sickbay thingy couldn’t even do basic cpr on Rory to ‘heal’ him? What a crap EMH.
In addition, Avery’s son thought his Dad was in the navy, somehow discovered which ship he was captain of and stowed away on it without discovering that it was a pirate ship? mmmm?
In the ending I have a serious problem with the idea of a17th century captain being able to pilot a starship.
And finally is there nothing on the Tardis that could help do a bit of basic healing? I’m sure the doctor could have used the sonic screwdriver or something to help restart Rory’s heart?
But on a positive note I must admit Pond looked very sexy as a pirate.

This was a chance for the show to breathe after the brain-twirling plotting of the past two weeks but for me it didn’t quiet work. It was ok and fun in places but ultimately this grog-time yarn falls short of its promise, which is a shame. But I guess we can’t expect every episode to be brilliant.

What did you think, do you agree with me?

To wet your appetite here is a sneak preview at the next episode..

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  1. noelypb says:

    Totally agree. Plot holes came thick and fast on reflection. Pardon the pun. I didn’t understand how everyone else ended on a sick bed whilst the Doctor and co managed to walk around. And the first guy screamed when he saw the siren whilst the rest all said “oh how pretty”. And so on and so forth. I also liked a twitter review (can’t remember whom) who said “oh my god they’ve killed kenny —er—- Rory!”

    But it was still harmless fun. I’ve high hopes for next weeks ep….

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