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Hi folks,

There is yet another remake on the horizon with news that Colin Farrell is to star in a remake of ‘Total Recall’.  Farrell is currently putting himself through a gruelling training regime in a bid to get in shape for the action hero part of Douglas Quaid. Filming on ‘Total Recall’ will begin in May.

The Irish actor will reprise Arnold Schwarzenegger’s lead role in the 1990 classic. Here is a reminder of the original.

Why oh why do we need remakes or reboots??

With spiderman and superman being also rebooted this year do we need yet another remake. I personally dont see the point, unless the original was rubbish.  Is there any creativity left in this world? It seems there is an abundance of reboots and remakes. Is that just me or do other people agree and tire of all these remakes.   

I must agree that some remakes are interesting if technology moves forward and a newer version can make an event more “realistic” on film… but I guess it depends on which generation you belong to.  But some people (like me) don’t like seeing younger actors replacing people they associate with a role. For example I really liked Toby Maguire as spiderman or Christopher Reeve as superman and it spoils it for me replacing them with another actor. 

I just dont see the point of another actor replacing them. I guess it just spoils the ellusion for me!

In my opinion, most of the time, the original is much better than the reboot/remake.  The effects of older films might not be upto todays standard but the story is better. 

For example if you take the war of the worlds remake (2005) with Tom cruise. I was really looking forward to this one but it was a real let down compared to the 1955 original. Dont get me wrong, the effects was better but the story was crap…. And Tom Cruise was the totally wrong actor for the main character in the film. There are many other examples but I will stop my rant now otherwise I will be on here all day :).

So what do you think? Do you agree? Are there too many remakes/reboots?

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